Elite sport is inherently about excellence. The right to represent Australia at the Olympic Games and the World Championships (open and age) represents the pinnacle of elite sport, and as such is a privilege to be earned. The Selection System sets out the minimum criteria which must be satisfied in order for a fencer to be eligible for selection for these events. Fencers are encouraged to view selection as merely the first step in the process of achieving the performance goals they have set themselves, rather than an end in itself.

Process and Timing

The processes and timing of selections is documented both within the Selection Policy and the following Operational Protocol.


AFF staff and directors cannot provide information relating to the interpretation of any section of the Selection Policy. There is no other way to gain ranking points except as defined in the Selection Policy. There is no body or person within any part of the AFF that has the power to allocate ranking points outside of the mechanisms within the Policy.

Category E Events

In addition to the events that have been allocated points in Appendix A it is possible to have overseas events assessed for ranking points (Category E events). Information on how to have an event assessed and the current list of Category E events is available here:

Contact Details

The Selection Commission can only be contacted through the Chair of the Selection Panel via the email address selection@fencing.org.au.  Sections 2.5 - 2.9 of the Selection Policy should be noted in this regard.

Ranking dates team selections

Date at which ranking tables will be consulted for selection to national teams - invitation events
Asian Championships (senior)December 31, 2019
World Championships (senior)N/A for 2020
Asian Championships (cadet/junior)November 27, 2019
World Championships (cadet/junior)January 13, 2020
Asian Championships (veteran)TBC
World Championships (veteran)July 8, 2020
Commonwealth Age Group Championships (veteran)April 6, 2020
Junior OceaniaFebruary 17, 2020

Policy Updates

Selection Policy review – public consultation

05 Dec 2020

The AFF has completed a review of the existing selection policy that was introduced almost ten years ago. The AFF’s…

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Ranking dates 2019

20 Jan 2019

In accordance with the AFF Selection Policy and in an effort to provide certainty on selection processes for international team…

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No multiplier for Coach Designated Tour events during Olympic selection period

14 Jan 2019

Under the AFF Selection Policy, a multiple of 1.5 applies to determine the points awarded for designated events which form…

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Amendments to selection policy

09 Apr 2018

The AFF Board has approved amendments to the AFF Selection Policy which will come into effect on 9 April 2018.…

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