Competing in Australia

Entry to Australian National Tournaments is open to all fencers of the world.  International fencers must be a current member of their national federation which must be in good standing with the FIE. The AFF will need to confirm this as part of registration.

Fencers should note the equipment requirements for Australian national events which may be different than those of other countries.

› view equipment standards here

Where it is not immediately possible to confirm good standing with a home federation, the Tournament Management Commission must make inquiries. This may take some days to complete and a time delay should be allowed for when registering.

> Competition costs are detailed in the fees and charges table here.

Teams competing at Australian events are representatives of their respective countries, not of individual clubs within that country.

If a competitor requires a formal letter of invitation (as a result of their country's residency, passport or visa conditions), this should be requested at least six weeks prior to the relevant event, by email to