The National Squad and its High Performance Program (HPP) is designed to optimize and support athlete performance.  The Nationals Squad and its HPP is managed by the AFF’s High Performance Commission, working with the National Coaching Team including the National Technical Coaches and National Program Coaches on implementation.

Management page

High Performance Commission (HPC)

Davide Wheeler (AFF Pres)
Co-Chair - HPC
Sam Auty (Director)
Co-Chair - HPC
Ned Fitzgerald (AFF Director)
Member of HPC


Jake Ross
Pathways / High Performance Administrator
Gordon Christie
National Squad Platform Manager

National Coaching Team - National Programs

Strength and Conditioning (Sydney)
Todd Finn
Strength and Conditioning (Melbourne)
Alexis Landais
Mindset and Performance
Caitlin Edmonds
Performance Analysis

National Coaching Team - Technical

National Technical Directors

National Weapons Coaches

Giusepe Alongi
National Head Foil
National Head Epee
National Head Sabre

National Assistant Coaches Epee

Ursula Menz

Simon Capon

Ted Elliot

Seva Diachenko

Eason Wen

National Assistant Coaches Sabre

Jess Brooks

Stephen Lim