Rankings by age category

About Australian rankings

The ranking tables are generated automatically from results data (national and international) stored in the Australian Fencing Portal.

Rankings are calculated according to the AFF Rankings Policy.

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Rankings are calculated as of yesterday. They may be subject to correction in where there has been an error in calculation or point allocation.

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National ranking points for State Championships

From 2022, participation at a state championship event is a pre-requisite for entering the age-group corresponding national championships - Read announcement here

For a schedule of State Championships and endorsed alternative events, view the AFF Calendar at the link below.

For information on how state tournaments are assessed to qualify as a pre-requisite event, view the guidelines at the link below.

Temporary changes in response to COVID19

National Rankings Points will be managed, within certain parameters, for a period as outlined below:

  • Due to the uncertainties of travel for Australian resident fencers, no new international points will be able to be earned until after February 1, 2022 for cadet and junior categories, and March 20, 2022 for Seniors. These dates mark the beginning of the new selection cycle for each of those categories. Please see below.
  • Rankings points for 2019 AFC 3 & 4 and 2019 National Championships points will be retained until such time as these events are held either at the end of the 2021 or in 2022. If they are not held in 2022 then these points will expire at the December 31, 2022 in any case prior to those events being held in 2023.
  • If the 2021 National Open and Veteran Championships are unable to be held in 2021 the AFF will endeavour to host the AFC Supplementary event in late January 2022.
  • If the AFF holds the AFC Supplementary in late January 2022, then 2019 AFC 3 points will expire and be replaced by the AFC Supplementary points.
  • However, any fencers unable to attend either the 2021 National Open and Veteran Championships or the 2022 AFC Supplementary event due to government imposed COVID travel restrictions will retain their 2019 points for the relevant event. Note AFF Supplementary points will correspond to AFC 3 points.