COVID-19 Warning

The following advice applies to member states, clubs, coaches and individuals.

Only activities sanctioned by the AFF are covered under the AFF's insurance program.

The AFF does not sanction any physical, in-person fencing activities at this time and until further notice. This includes any outdoor training, even if it is limited to pairs (say, a coach and athlete).

The use of technology-based platforms for fencing, to the extent that the use of those platforms would ordinarily fall under the AFF insurance program and do not require in-person training, continue to be sanctioned by the AFF. As online platforms can include a broad range of activities, individuals and organisations should refer to the AFF insurance program to determine which, if any, of those activities are covered by the policies.

The AFF brokers and insurers endorse the AFF's position on this.

The AFF has partnered with broker Arthur J. Gallagher to provide insurance to clubs and members.

The insurance program encompasses:

  • Sports Public & Products Liability Including Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Sports Injury – Group Personal Accident Insurance
  • Association Liability Insurance

Full details of insurance coverage can be found on the Arthur J. Gallagher website

AFF Ltd Insurance Handbook

The AFF Insurance Handbook and related documents can be downloaded from the JG Gallagher website

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Certificate of Currency

Contact your state association to obtain a certificate of currency.



To make a fencing related personal accident claim, view process and download form from JG Gallagher website.


Optional travel insurance coverage is offered to affiliated fencers and officials on AFF tours