The AFF relies on a team of skilled referees and administrators to ensure the national fencing circuit meets contemporary international competition standards.
  • Referee Director

    An FIE-qualified international referee provides mentoring and feedback to Australian referees, including immediate video analysis of their performance at national events.

  • Senior Referees

    Senior Australian referees share responsibility for the bout-by-bout allocation of referees during each AFC event.

  • Referee Manager

    The AFF Operations Manager coordinates referee nominations and scheduling prior to each event.

Become a national referee

Resources and training are available to assist state referees take the next step to national level accreditation.

Accredited referees

View the list of referees accredited at club, state and national level, including weapons and competency levels.

Code of Conduct

Referees represent the AFF and are expected to protect and enhance the sport's reputation.

"The trouble with referees is, they just don't care which side wins."

Tom Canterbury

Referees and competition policy

At national tournaments the AFF relies on two types of referees:

  1. Independent referees - selected or appointed, either as volunteers or paid officials who are not participating as fencers in the competition in question.
  2. Fencer referees - designated to referee while being competitors in the event.