Life memberships awarded for services to fencing

When the AFF transitioned to a company limited by guarantee in 2015, the existing life members of the AFF’s predecessor entity (AFF Inc) had the choice to elect to become a legal member of the new entity for Corporations Act purposes.  While only two of the existing life members elected to do so, the AFF continues to recognise and value the significant contribution of all members previously awarded life membership.

Life Members AFF Limited

Duncan Fairweather (2022)

Peter Osvath (2014)

William (Bill) Ronald, OAM (2001)

Life Members AFF Inc

Andrew Ius (2017) (Deceased)

Jeff Gray (2012)

Alex Donaldson (2011)

Helen Smith AM (2010)

Vivienne Watts [Tucker] (2008)

Peter Andersen (2005)

Denise Dapre, OAM (2005)

Janet Haswell (2001)

John Fethers (1999) (Deceased)

Harry Sommerville (1999) (Deceased)

Beverley Chan (1994) (Deceased)

Patrick Morley

Laurie Smith (Deceased)

Ivan Lund

Andy V Szakall (Deceased)

Julius Pollack (Deceased)

Max England

David McKenzie AM (Deceased)

Professor Joan Beck (Deceased)

Robyn Chaplin (Deceased)

Eddis Linton