Waiving of state competition pre-requisites

The AFF has waived the requirement for fencers to compete in a State Championship in order to enter the equivalent national age event. Nevertheless, some states may continue to have their own thresholds for entering national events. Fencers should check with their states to determine any prerequisites. The allocation of national ranking points for State Championships will not be affected by this change.

More details about the allocation of national ranking points to State Championship events can be viewed here at the AFF Rankings page.

States should continue to notify the AFF of scheduled State Championships at least five days prior to those events up until September 2022 and 45 days prior to State Championship events after that. The AFF will continue to publish a list of upcoming State Championships which meet these timelines. A decision to allocate points is made after the event, based on the AFF’s assessment of an event’s integrity. A list of State Championship events assessed for ranking points is also published on the AFF rankings page.

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