The AFF is a not-for-profit organisation. Like any organisation, the AFF incurs expenses in order to operate. A small fraction of the AFF's costs are funded by the Federal Government (usually through the Australian Sports Commission). For specific initiatives, the AFF receives a small amount of reimbursement from the FIE through the Oceania Fencing Confederation. However, the greatest proportion of the AFF's operations are funded by affiliated States, and through them, the fencing community. These tables show the various fees and charges set by the AFF Board, which are reviewed annually. All figures include GST unless otherwise noted.

National Competition Entries


AFC 1-4 Open / U23 / Veteran$100Competitors can choose to pay additional $80 to opt out of refereeing obligations.
National Championships Open and Veteran$110Competitors can choose to pay additional $90 to opt out of refereeing obligations.
Veterans second weapon$25
Veterans third weapon$0
U15 / Cadet / Junior Championships$130Where fencers compete in three weapons in same age group, 3rd weapon is $80.
National School Individual Championships$95Competing in 2nd and 3rd weapon - $70 each.
Additional late fee applies to all registrations except veteran and schools entries$100


Fencing Overseas


Federation Internationale Escrime licence$65FIE licence year varies from year to year
European Fencing Cpmmission licence$30EFC licence varies from year to year
Fencing Confederation of Asia licence$25FCA licence year varies from year to year

Event entry
Tour Costs

High Performance Program

Nomination fees

HPP nomination fee$165This will be refunded if your nomination to the HPP is not successful
HPP participation fee$1716Invoiced in equal installments over the length of the athlete contract




Competitive senior$62Paid from member's state affiliation
Competitive junior$35Paid from member's state affiliation
AFF Life MemberNilState associations may elect to charge local affiliation fees