AFF Onepoint

The AFF is introducing a new membership and registration system called Onepoint.  This system replaces the AFF Portal and the use of Register Now by the AFF.  All of the services you accessed through the AFF Portal and Register Now will be transitioned to Onepoint.

Access to Onepoint

Accounts have been created in Onepoint for all current members of the AFF.  This information has been provided by your member Association.  If you are a member of Fencing South Australia, Fencing Victoria, NSW Fencing Association or Queensland Fencing Association, you do not need to create an account on Onepoint, your account has been created for you.  For ACT Fencing Association and Fencing Western Australia Members, please check with your Associations, as they have links for you to sign up to Onepoint.

To log into Onepoint:

  1. Select the button above to access the Onpoint system.   
  2. Your account is linked to the email address you have provided your member Association.
  3. If you have not accessed Onpoint previously, please use the 'Forgot password? Reset' link to have your password reset. If you do not receive an email in 5 minutes, please contact for assistance
Onepoint login

Logged in

Once logged in you will see a menu on the left.  

  • The 'Edit Profile' item will allow you to make changes to your profile.  Please note you are not able to update your date of Birth.  If the Date of Birth displayed is incorrect, please contact for assistance.
  •  The 'Account' item show what payments have been made, or are outstanding for you.
  • The 'Notes' item shows any notes for you, this is currently not being used by the AFF
  • The 'Events' item shows national competitions, this includes tournaments which are open, and ones you have entered.
  • The 'Functions' item shows other services available through the AFF, ie International licences.

If you have any issues with accessing or using the Onepoint system, please contact

Linked Accounts

To access member accounts directly, Onepoint requires each member to have a unique email address.  This can be an issue for families with multiple fencers, especially children.  Onepoint provides functionally to link multiple accounts to one.  This allows a person to login to one account and switch to another members account, resulting in only one email address being needed. 

As the setup of this process requires each members account to be logged into once, the one email address needs to be moved from one account to the next.  Once setup it does not need to be moved again.  

If you would like to link 2 or more accounts in this way, please contact to arrange a time to link the accounts.

onpoint-linked Accounts

Onepoint Certifications

the Onepoint system has the function of allowing for 'Certifications'. This is where members, coaches and Officials can provide documents for verification as required.  The AFF employs 2 groups of certifications:

  • user initiated certifications - These are where the member can provide documents as requested by the AFF for verification.
  • Automated certifications - These ones are allocated automatically, based on the member meeting the requirements for each one.  These can provide access to tournaments and other services from the AFF.

For the full list of certifications used by the AFF on the One Point system and what they mean, please click here.

To add a current certification to One Point press the (+) in the bottom corner of the Certifications tab, fill in the form, ensuring you provide your evidence.  Verification of certifications can take a few days.

Some certifications are date based, and can expire, the system has been setup to email you when they are getting close to expiring.  Once they have expired, they are removed from the system.  

Be aware, each certification has a Dot to the right of it.  If the Dot is Green, it means its verified and is active.  If it is Grey it means it is waiting for verification.  

If you have any questions about the certifications please email for assistance.

Common issues you may encounter

When using Onepoint you may encounter an error.  Please check below on what these errors mean, and how to resolve them.  If you have an error that is not shown below, please email with a screen capture of the error for assistance.

To ensure only eligible members can enter AFF events, the AFF automatically assigns the ZZ series certifications.  Whilst there are different requirements for each one, they are all similar. 

Things to check for to help understand why you do not have the required certification:

  • Is the member marked with ZY-Restricted certification - This certifications indicates you have been marked having services restricted. This will include competition entries.
  • Is the member under the age of 20 as of the end of the year.  If so, they also need to have provided proof of their date of birth, this is recorded as a Personal information verification document certification

For the full information about the automatically assigned certifications please click here to see an explanation of the certifications.

If you only see a limited menu as shown, this indicates your membership is not linked correctly to your state association.  Please contact for assistance.

There is a previous registration for this fencer for the event.  If it has not been paid for, please go to Events -> Entered -> Unsecured Entries. you should be able to locate it and make a payment.  

If you are not able to locate the previous registration attempt, please contact