Selection and Rankings Policies updates

The AFF Selection Policy and Rankings Policies have been amended and Member States notified as required under the AFF Constitution.

The primary changes to the Selection Policy (effective 15th July 2022) are:

  • Removing reference to a qualifying event for the final position in teams for the Asian Zone and World Championships events. Under the amended policy, all positions will be determined according to national rankings;
  • Changes to the timing of the National Squad nominations, now shadowing the FIE Calendar.

The primary changes in the Rankings Policy (effective 1 January 2023) are:

  • Small increase in rankings points for finishing 65-96, 97-160 for Senior Events (HPC Designated), and 65-96, 97-128 for Junior Events (HPC Designated)
  • Increase in allocation of points to World Championships, and slight increase to Asian Championships to bring these in line with World Championships increases.
AFF Selection Policy. Effective July 15 2022


AFF Rankings Policy. Effective 1 January 2023

⇒View amended Selection Policy here

⇒View amended Rankings Policy here

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