Mission Statement

To represent the views and interests of athletes and to empower athletes through information and the facilitation of communication.


The role and objectives of the AFF Athletes’ Commission are to:

  • Act as a link between the athletes and the AFF.
  • Represent the views and interests of athletes and participate in AFF Board consultation and decision-making.
  • Establish open lines of communication with athletes to:
    • discuss and obtain feedback on issues concerning athletes;
    • identify issues that need to be addressed by the AFF Athletes’ Commission; and
    • communicate AFF issues of relevance to athletes.
  • Consider questions and issues relating to athletes and provide advice to the AFF Board. In this context the AFF Athletes’ Commission may provide the AFF Board the following on all matters within its scope:
    • offer or give advice;
    • offer or give counsel;
    • offer an opinion;
    • make a recommendation;
    • consult; or
    • give information or notice.
  • Promote respect of the rights of the athletes.
  • Undertake special projects that are relevant to the AFF Athletes’ Commission.


The AFF Athletes’ Commission is constituted under clause 19 of the AFF Constitution. The AFF Athletes’ Commission is a “Committee” as defined in clause 1.1 of the AFF Constitution.


The AFF Athletes’ Commission will comprise five eligible persons elected athletes.  Further information about eligibility and elections can be found in the AFF Athletes’ Commission Term of Reference (TOR).

Term and vacancies

The term of office for AFF Athletes’ Commission members will be four (4) years, commencing on 1 November in the same year of the applicable AFF Athletes’ Commission election.

Any vacancy occurring in respect of members may be filled at any time at the discretion of the AFF Board, provided that such vacancy must be filled with an individual who would have been eligible to be nominated for election for such position at the last applicable AFF Athletes’ Commission election.

Board Representation

The AFF Athletes’ Commission is represented on the AFF Board by one member, the Athletes’ Director, appointed pursuant to the AFF Constitution.