Competition Management


The Australian Fencing Federation Limited (AFF) is the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) for the Olympic Sport of Fencing.

The AFF’s vision is to have Fencing recognised as an exciting, accessible and challenging sport providing opportunities for participation at all levels – recreational, competitive and elite.

The mission of the AFF is to administer and promote the sport of Fencing in Australia through national plans and programs, services and opportunities that enable members from recreational to the Olympian to reach their maximum potential.


The AFF under agreement with it’s Member States hosts or otherwise licenses the hosting of certain AFF Competitions. These competitions include (but are not limited to):

  • Australian Circuit Events (Open and Veterans) 1 to 4.
  • Australian National Championships (U15/ Cadet/ Junior/ U23s/ Opens and Veterans).
  • Australian National Schools Competition.

The Directoir Technnique (the DT)  is the group of individuals appointed by the AFF to manage and run its competitions. The AFF appoints individuals to the DT for each of its competitions.

AFF Competitions are run in accordance with the rules of the FIE and the AFF National Competition Policy and are subject to AFF branding guidelines.

All national-level competition results  and  national fencer rankings are maintained by the AFF.


The AFF Board may appoint any person to be a member of the DT. However, the AFF has established personnel with extensive national and international experience in competition management. As such, the following persons will automatically form members of the DT when they are present at a competition:

  • The AFF Board member present as the Board’s representative.
  • The AFF’s Competition Manager.
  • The AFF’s National Operations Manager.
  • Any international referee who has been invited by the AFF or the AFF’s Referee Director.
  • The Senior Referees appointed to a competition.

In the event that a Member State elects to supply DT support personnel (in lieu of the AFF supplying DT personnel), as provided for in the relevant licensing agreement, those people will not automatically form part of the DT. Those individuals will assist the DT on instruction.

Decision Making

The DT should aim to make decisions on all competition matters on a consensus basis. However, in the event that there is a conflict in decision in consensus or the decision-making matter requires expedition:

  • The AFF Board representative will act as the President of the DT and will have absolute decision-making remit.
  • In the absence of an AFF Board representative, the AFF’s Competition Manager (or their direct appointed delegate) will act as the President of the DT and will have absolute decision-making remit.

All other individuals of the DT and any individual otherwise appointed to assist the DT in the management of any AFF competition will follow all requests made by the President of the DT in which the President of the DT determines are necessary to effectively manage the competition.

As best as practicable, the AFF will notify the Member State in which an AFF Competition is being hosted the name of the AFF Board representative and the name of the Competition Manager (or their delegate).

[An Operational Protocol is information about the process by which the AFF Executive generally makes its decisions. It is designed as a matter of governance and transparency so that stakeholders in various decisions may inform themselves as to how decisions are usually made. An Operational Protocol is not policy and cannot be subject to appeal.]

Last Updated 17 January 2020.