Timing of 2023 Veteran World Championships Nominations and Selections

The AFF wants to give veterans an opportunity to plan their year so is announcing that we will open our nominations for the Veteran World Championships on May 10 through May 25.

Selections for the team will be made in accordance with the Selection Policy based on the Australian Veteran Rankings as of May 25 (the Selection Date).

For individual events, four (4) fencers in each age group, 50-59, 60-69, 70+, will be selected as per the Selection policy based on the Australian Veteran Rankings as of May 25.

The teams will be based on those fencers who are selected for the individual events, who also nominated for team selection.  With two (2) fencers from each age group being selected as per their order in the Australian rankings as of the Selection Date.

Further details will be provided when nominations open on May 10.

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