Ranking dates 2019

In accordance with the AFF Selection Policy and in an effort to provide certainty on selection processes for international team events, the following dates have been determined as the relevant point at which ranking tables will be consulted for selection to national teams in 2019:

– Asian Championships (Senior), Japan: 27th February 2019
– Universiade, Napoli: 17th March 2019
– World Championships (Senior), Budapest: 29th March 2019
– Asian Championship (Veteran), Taipei: 30th April 2019
– World Championships (Veteran), Cairo: 19th June 2019

Nominations are open four months prior to the beginning of a competition and generally remain open for two weeks.
The ranking dates stated above have been approved by the AFF Board and are not subject to change.
For other overseas tours that include team events, rankings will be assessed 30 days prior to the start of a competition.

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