Notice anything different?

Welcome to the new Australian Fencing Federation website. It’s simple but, we hope, easy to navigate.

The new website is built on the WordPress platform and has a new structure. But all your favourite pages remain:

Fencer bios
Competition calendar

Regular visitors will notice the menu setup on the new site is slightly different, which might take some adjustment. We welcome comments if you think it can be improved.

It’s a responsive website, which means the pages reformat and scale down automatically for viewing on mobile devices.

The new site builds on the robust information architecture established by the AFF webmaster 10 years ago and retains links with all data in the fencing portal. Member activities currently managed through the portal will be unaffected.

The calendar will now be the go-to place for information about all events including national competitions, international competition tours, HPP camps and coach designated tours. Dates for these events will be published to the calendar with additional information, including schedules and links to register for an event, added as it becomes available.

The new website has been a labour of love by the AFF Board and Webmaster. While every effort has been made to ensure critical information has been reproduced on the new site, there may be some unforeseen omissions. We welcome suggestions about how the new site can be improved and any additional pages or features you would like to see.

Please email constructive suggestions to the creative team and we’ll do our best to address them.

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