HPC Designated Events and Tours

HPC Designated Events are certain international events that have been designated by the High Performance Commission for participation in by National Squad Members.

The HPC Designated Events are typically World Cups and certain Grand Prix’s for seniors and juniors, and European Cadet Circuit events for cadets, and are usually published by the HPC at the beginning of the season.

The AFF will organise HPC Designated Event Tours for such events, and these tours provide a supportive learning environment for fencer and coach to work together to identify areas for optimizing performance.

Upcoming tours

There are no AFF coach designated tours scheduled at this time


The AFF works on a cost recovery basis for all representative tours.  It does not make a profit from the tours, and it is not possible to provide exact estimates of costs prior to travel (due to last-minute changes and external matters). The process for invoicing fencing tours is outlined here. 

Family and personal coaches

Individuals who are not fencers are welcome to accompany their relatives and friends on fencing tours.  Fencers are also encouraged to invite their personal coaches on tours. However, the Australian Fencing Federation will only make arrangements and be responsible for selected fencers and officials for the tour.