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Fee changes

The AFF has reviewed its fee structure and provides the following summary of changes for the information of members.

While the fee structure remains largely unchanged for 2020, there have been some minor adjustments, particularly in relation to coach fees.

All changes to fees have been made after carefully considering the AFF’s strategic objectives and operational needs while ensuring participation costs for members are kept as low as possible.

Referee accreditation renewal

In 2019 the annual renewal fee was abolished, and any fees already paid that year were refunded. The AFF will no longer charge for referee accreditation.

Coaching accreditation renewal

This fee (previously $25 pa) has been abolished.

Coach membership

In order to make coach membership more attractive, the AFF has removed the annual $50 coach only membership fee. (This fee is usually collected by member states and remitted to the AFF.)

State member fees

This has increased from $720 to $750. However, the AFF has simultaneously changed the funding provided by the AFF to member states so they are funded directly up to $750 annually for state-based coaching and officiating initiatives.

Competition entry fees

These remain unchanged, however the AFF will no longer be absorbing merchant fees charged at the time of online registration, bringing the collection of competition entry fees in line with all AFF fees. From January 2020 competitors will be responsible for merchant fees charged for third-party providers. The AFF is also working with members states to identify alternative, cheaper options for online registration.

Fees may be updated during the year and can be viewed at this web page.

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