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Annual coaching accreditation process updated

The AFF has undertaken a review of its annual coaching accreditation renewal process. Coaching renewal is a yearly requirement for all coaches who wish to maintain their accreditation. The AFF has made substantial changes to the annual process.

These changes include:

  • Making coaching renewal free. There is no longer a $25 renewal fee.
  • Removing the $50 Capitation Fee for Coaches. Capitation Fees still apply for Competitive Fencers. Member States have been informed that the AFF will no longer be collecting the Coach Capitation Fee.
  • Reducing the number of practical hours for each level. For Level 0 and Level 1, there will be no minimum hour requirements. For Level 2 this will be 10 hours, and for Level 3 this will be 20 hours.
  • Overhauling the Continued Learning Activities (CLAs) process and requirement. CLAs will focus on practical activities. The disclosure of CLAs will be by self-declaration only. Coaches will not be required to upload any documentation (however, should retain the proof of completion). CLAs will only relate to L2 and L3 coaching levels.
  • The renewal process will be completed in the AFF portal.

Further details on the renewal process are on the relevant tab and can be accessed by clicking here.

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