AYC Circuit Changes

We have announced changes to the schedule to give more chance of participation from young fencers and their families.

Please see here for the changed schedule, including AYC 1 now to be held in Sydney March 12/13, and AYC 3 to be held in Melbourne August 13/14.

We are also excited to announce that we will be hosting a Special team’s competition at AYC 1, which may become a permanent feature of AYC competitions. After each individual event, four teams are formed from a maximum of the top 16 placed fencers from the individual events. The teams are formed on a snake-ladder basis (see below). This means that young fencers get the opportunity to fence with people they may not usually fence with in a team. Where there are not 16 fencers the organisers will endeavour to form up to four teams using the same principle. Fencers need to register their interest in teams at the time of entering the AYC.

Example of team formation:

Team – Ranked fencers
Team 1 – 1,8,9,16
Team 2 – 2,7,10,15
Team 3 – 3,6,11,14
Team 4 – 4,5,12,13

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