Australian Fencing applies for high performance funding from Sport Australia and the AOC. Some of this funding may be available to support individual athletes.

As a condition of some of this funding, the AFF is required to undertake Categorisation of athletes, in accordance with an established set of criteria. In addition to satisfying the demands of funding bodies, Categorisation is relevant in the following ways:

  1. Categorisation may be used by the AFF to manage aspects of its High Performance Program, as a basis for assisting fencers working towards representation at World Championships and the Olympics.
  2. Fencers applying for support from state and territory sports bodies may be asked to confirm whether they are a Categorised athlete and provide supporting details of such.

Accordingly, the AFF has approved the 'Australian Fencing Federation Athlete Categorisation Criteria' (see below). These criteria and process will be reviewed from time to time.

A list of Categorised athletes can be viewed at the link below. Within each Category (Podium Potential, Developing etc), fencers are not listed in any order of priority.

Any questions regarding Athlete Categorisation should be directed to