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AFF Board Update

The Australian Fencing Federation (AFF) is pleased to welcome Jutta Schortmann to the AFF Board. Jutta was elected Director during the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, 26 May 2024. Jutta has been involved in the fencing community since 2009. She has served as president of the North Queensland Fencing Association, held various committee positions within the QFA, and was a member of the AFF Veteran Commission. Jutta’s passion for fencing and sports allows her to utilise her budgeting, scheduling, and personnel management skills. With a background in dispute resolution, she possesses the necessary tools to communicate efficiently and compassionately. Jutta is excited to contribute to the growth and success of fencing in Australia and can often be found on the piste pursuing her passion for fencing Epee.

We are equally thrilled to announce Crystal Miao’s appointment to the board. With a remarkable 20 years of professional experience, including international project management and collaborations with prestigious institutions like the British Council and Southwest Minzu University, Crystal brings a global perspective to our board. Her enthusiasm for applying her skills to developing and promoting fencing in Australia is palpable. With her expertise in strategic development, governance, and budget management, we are confident that Crystal will be a valuable asset to our board. We also appreciate Crystal’s enthusiasm for strengthening the relationships between the AFF and the Asian Fencing Community.

In other board changes, Paul Glasson has stepped down from the National Competitions Committee after serving as a valuable member for the past two years. During his tenure, Paul played a key role in driving and promoting the national competitions programme. His contributions included the establishment of the Australian Youth Circuit (AYC), the enhancement of national referees, and the cultivation of international relationships. We would like to thank Paul for his continued support of Australian competitive fencing.

Lastly, Kaye Mahoney has resigned from her position as appointed Director on the AFF Board after serving for two years. During her tenure on the board, Kaye provided guidance and support to the board and played a pivotal role in driving positive change within the organization.  We thank Kaye for her dedication to Australian Fencing and wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

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