Trophy Donations – OP

The Australian Fencing Federation’s National individual and team competitions each are intended to have a perpetual trophy. Some, however, do not (partitcularly the newer events), and this Protocol outlines the process by which an “untrophied” event may gain a perpetual trophy.

  1. A donor identifies an event for which there is no current trophy.  This can be done by looking at the column headings for the relevant National Champions section of the AFF web site under the Fencers of Australia menu.
  2. The donor emails the AFF via to request permission to contribute a trophy.  At that stage, the donor may also suggest a name for the trophy.  This can be a corporate naming, or in honour of a previous elite fencer with some link to the gender/weapon for the trophy, or merely as a mark of respect to a major contributor to the sport.  A trophy may be named after someone who is still an active member of the fencing community, though not a person who still is competitively active, or (generally) an active coach or a current member of the administration of the AFF or a State Association.
  3. The AFF will confirm that the donor has permission to contribute the trophy, and will also provide or confirm the name to be placed on the trophy.
  4. The donor purchases the trophy and has it delivered to the Chair of the Tournament Management Commission, or a member of the TMC in the donor’s home State.
  5. The AFF will arrange and pay for the trophy to be engraved (including the names of all previous winners of the title), and for the trophy to be shipped to its next tournament destination.

[An Operational Protocol is information about the process by which the AFF Executive generally makes its decisions. It is designed as a matter of governance and transparency so that stakeholders in various decisions may inform themselves as to how decisions are usually made. An Operational Protocol is not policy, and cannot be subject to appeal.]

Last Updated 7 February 2015.