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2023 Australian Youth Circuit (AYC) #3

September 9, 2023 - September 10, 2023


Tournament Schedule

Venue Update:  The venue does not open until 8:00am on Saturday and Sunday, therefore Equipment Control will open at 8:10am on those days.

IMPORTANT: The times shown below are event start times, Roll call closes 15 minutes before these times.  All fencers must be at the venue at Roll call time, in order to fencer in the event.

Friday – 8th September
Equipment Control will be open from 18:00 – 20:00

Saturday – 9th September
Equipment control will open 08:10-09:30 & 14:00-15:00
09:00      AYC Boy’s Foil
AYC Boy’s Foil Teams
09:30      AYC Girl’s Epee
AYC Girl’s Epee Teams
11:30      AYC Girl’s Sabre – CANCELLED
AYC Girl’s Sabre Teams – CANCELLED

Sunday – 10th September
Equipment control will open 08:10-09:30 & 10:30-11:30
09:00      AYC Girl’s Foil
AYC Girl’s Foil Teams
09:30      AYC Boy’s Epee
AYC Boy’s Epee Teams
11:30      AYC Boy’s Sabre
AYC Boy’s Sabre teams

The AYC Special Teams events are 4 teams of 4 fencers made from the top fencers from the individual events. Fencers will be asked if they want to participate at time of entry via Register Now.  The top 16 fencers in the individual results that agree will be selected.  The 4 teams will be formed along the following principle:

Team Ranked fencers
Team 1 1,8,9,16
Team 2 2,7,10,15
Team 3 3,6,11,14
Team 4 4,5,12,13

If there are less than 16 fencers these numbers will be adjusted utilising the above principle. This will be determined by the DT at the time.

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The Lights Sports and Community Centre – Adelaide

244 - 270 East Parkway
Lightsview, South Australia 5085 Australia

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Acknowledging the Kaurna people

The Australian Fencing Federation acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land where this tournament is being held, and pays respect to ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.

Registrations open:  July 26, 2023
Early bird closes:  August 26, 2023

Registrations after this date attract a higher registration fee. 

All registrations close 4:00pm AEST on:  September 7, 2023

No registrations will be accepted after this time.

Entry Management

to confirm your entry has been correctly received, please check the Fencers List below one hour after you have registered.  If there are any issues with the recorded entry please email entries@fencing.org.au

If you are no longer able to attend the tournament, please email entries@fencing.org.au

Additional information

IMPORTANT: For Fencers based in Australia.

To register for this tournament fencers must have provided the AFF evidence of the fencers official name and date of birth.  Once this evidence is confirmed, which can take upto 48 hours, they will then be able to register for the tournament.

When registering via Onpoint, it you see an message “Entry is restricted to holders of the following certification(s): ZZ-ADMINONLY-Youth” this indicates the verification is not in Onpoint.  Please complete the following steps.  If you believe you have provided the information, please contact support@fencing.org.au

Acceptable evidence includes one of the following:

Fencers Passport
Fencers birth certificate
Fencers visa
Fencers Naturalised certificate

If the fencer has not previously provided one of these documents, please follow these steps:

  1. Login into the AFF Onpoint system (https://onpoint.ausfencing.org) as the fencer
  2. On the overview page, locate the Certifications panel.
  3. If there is a certification called Personal Information Verfication Document please contact support@fencing.org.au for assistance.
  4. To add a Personal Information Verfication Document document, please click on the (+) in the certification panel.
  5. From the new side panel, select the Personal Information Verfication Document, select the type of document it is, and upload an image of the document.
  6. It can take upto 48 hours for the document to be checked and verified.  Once it has been done, the ZZ-ADMINONLY-Youth will be automatically added.


Fees and charges:

Note, some states may add a state levy to cover team management and other state-related costs. These levies are in addition to AFF tournament charges and are collected at the time of registration. Please check your state association website for more information.

AFC 1-4 Open / Veteran - Early Bird Price$115includes $35 Referee Levy.
Competitors can choose to pay additional $80 to opt out of refereeing obligations.
AFC 1-4 Veteran second Weapon$25Competitors can choose to pay additional $80 to opt out of refereeing obligations.
AFC 1-4 Veteran Third Weapon$0Competitors can choose to pay additional $80 to opt out of refereeing obligations.
National Championships Open and Veterans - Early Bird Price$125includes $35 Referee Levy.
Competitors can choose to pay additional $90 to opt out of refereeing obligations.
National Veteran Championships second weapon$25Competitors can choose to pay additional $90 to opt out of refereeing obligations.
National Veteran Championships third weapon$0Competitors can choose to pay additional $90 to opt out of refereeing obligations.
U15 / Cadet / Junior Championships - Early Bird Price$130includes $50 Referee Levy.
Australian Youth Circuit events #1,#2,#3 first weapon - Early Bird Price$90Includes $35 referee levy
Australian Youth Circuit events #1,#2,#3 second and third weapons - Early Bird Price $80Includes $35 referee levy
Australian Youth Circuit Finals - Early bird price$90Includes $35 referee levy
National School Individual Championships - First weapon - Early Bird Price$95Includes $20 referee Levy.
National School Individual Championships - 2nd and 3rd weapon - Early Bird Price$70Includes $20 referee Levy.
Additional fee added to the early Bird price for a Normal entry. $100Not applied to Veteran events.

IMPORTANT - Please read before trying to access Onpoint for the first time. (Australian fencers Only)

Entries for this event for Australian fencers must be made by accessing the AFF Onpoint system.  Before accessing the AFF Onpoint system for the first time, please read the information on this page - AFF Onpoint Information for Australian Fencers.

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