This information relates to payments made by the AFF to product and service suppliers (including coaches), in addition to reimbursements for expenses (e.g. accommodation and transport) and per diems.

The AFF works on a weekly / monthly payment cycle.

1. Non-Supplier Invoices (reimbursements, per diems, etc.).

* All claims for reimbursements and per diems should be made using the standard payment requisition form (below).

* This form should not be used for local (in-Australia) referee payments (this is handled via a different process - click here).

* The AFF does not provide per diems or reimbursements where another organisation undertakes team management (e.g. Universiade).

* As a benchmark figure for overseas activities, the per diem is set as 70% of the ATO's reasonable travel expense amounts, as set out in the relevant Taxation Determination each year (e.g. TD2016/13 for 2016-17). The relevant figure is taken from Table 2 of Schedule 1, using the Total figure in the first salary column, rounded to the nearest $5.

* For local activities, the same per diem rate applies as for DT and officiating (click here).

* Expense reimbursement claims must be supported by copies of receipts, and may only be paid for expenses less than 6 months old.  Per diem claims do not need the submission of any supporting receipts.

2.  Supplier Invoices (coaching, state officers, etc.).

* Supplier invoices must clearly indicate the supplier GST status (and consequent GST value).

* Payment requisition forms are not required for supplier invoices.

3.  Payment Process and Timing

a. All documents should be emailed in electronic form to (only).  No payments wil be made for invoices more than 6 months old.

b. Ad hoc payments are closed off for authorisation on Wednesdays, and then scheduled for payment on Fridays.  The only exception to this is for urgent overseas event-related payments (e.g. accommodation / airfares / entry fees).

c. Monthly payments are closed off for authorisation on the last day of that month, and then scheduled for authorisation on the first Wednesday following the end of the month, and payment on the Friday following that (i.e. in the same week).

d. Monthly invoices not received by the last day of the month become part of a scheduled weekly (ad hoc) payment run.

4.  Additional Notes

* Payments in the form of credits for refunded event registrations are processed through RegisterNow.  Where a credit is issued manually, on which a refund payment is requested, no further form is required, and this will fall into the normal payment cycles.

* Any payment request made to the AFF must be made by the person (or corporate entity) concerned, and not by a relative or third party.

* The AFF reserves the right to reject a claim or invoice as incorrect or invalid, in which case no liability is due to the person making the claim, and no payment or reimbursement will be made.

[An Operational Protocol is information about the process by which the AFF Executive generally makes its decisions. It is designed as a matter of governance and transparency so that stakeholders in various decisions may inform themselves as to how decisions are usually made. An Operational Protocol is not policy, and cannot be subject to appeal.]

Last Updated 12 January 2016.