Athlete licences are required to compete in certain international events:

  • FIE (International Fencing Federation)
  • EFC (European Fencing Confederation)
  • FCA (Fencing Confederation of Asia)

All FIE events listed on the Official FIE Calendar for a specified season require an FIE licence for that season.

Events requiring an FIE licence which do not appear on the FIE calendar can be assumed to require an FIE licence that is current as at the date of the event. Generally, where a non-FIE event occurs near the close of the FIE year (e.g. 30 September), the organisers will often accept an FIE licence for either of both years covering that period.

Before you buy

Only current competitive members of state fencing associations with no debt outstanding for more than 30 days are eligible to buy a licence.

Before purchasing a licence the following information must be submitted and verified through the Australian Fencing Portal:

1) scan of current passport (FIE / EFC only)
2) a 'Heads and Shoulder' photo to act as athlete's official photo for international event passes, and on the FIE website
3) hand fenced with with (handedness)


To confirm an FIE licence is current, visit the FIE website and select Australia from the dropdown list.

Notionally, the FIE and FCA licences used to expire after the Senior World Championships, which were traditionally the last event of the calendar. However, now there are sometimes Satellite events after the Senior World Champs, and in the Olympic years the date of that event is not defined by the FIE, so the situation is not quite as clear. Furthermore, World Veterans Championships now take place after the World Open Championships.


The following fees apply to licences:

Federation Internationale Escrime licence$65FIE licence year varies from year to year
European Fencing Cpmmission licence$30EFC licence varies from year to year
Fencing Confederation of Asia licence$25FCA licence year varies from year to year