1. HPP exemptions and withdrawals will only be considered using the correct documentation.  Discussions with HPP staff and coaches that is not supported by written confirmation do not constitute an exemption or withdrawal.  Similarly, communications through a third party (e.g. a personal coach) do not constitute a valid variation to an Athlete Agreement - see here.
  2. HPP exemptions that will apply from the beginning of the HPP year (July for Cadets and Juniors, October for Under-23s and Open), or for a substantial part of the year, must be made at the time of nomination.  This is so that the HPP staff can provide advice as to whether the HPP is suitable for the nominating athlete, or whether some special arrangement(s) may need to be made.
  3. HPP exemptions do not roll over from one year to the next - an exemption will expire at the end of the relevant period of the Athlete Agreement, and a new exemption (if still valid) must be requested as part of the HPP nomination process.
  4. Athletes should not assume that exemptions will be granted, which consequently means that HPP invoices should be paid as issued within the normal AFF payment due dates.  A credit note will be issued if an exemption is granted, and this may be applied against future invoices issued.
  5. Exemptions which give rise to credit note issue will apply from the billing quarter during which the exemption is granted and onwards from there (i.e. they cannot be back-dated to previous billing quarters) - see here.
  6. Where the Finance or High Performance staff of the AFF believes that the circumstances which have given rise to any HPP exemption no longer exist, any credit note which would otherwise be issued will be withheld pending further discussions with the athlete (see here).
  7. Exemptions will not be granted for work or educational reasons, as this will be known to athletes on nomination.  The same applies for withdrawal from the HPP in terms of sanctions for breaches of the Athelete Agreement.
  8. In the consideration of withdrawals and exemptions, the High Performance Commission make its decisions in the light of the fact that the athlete has confirmed on nomination that they have read and understood all of the HPP documents and plans, including the Selection Policy and their Athlete Agreement (see here).
  9. Where an HPP withdrawal has been submitted after an athlete has nominated for an obligatory (AFT) representative competition, the event nomination deposit and any progress payments made will not be refunded.

[An Operational Protocol is information about the process by which the AFF Board generally makes its decisions.  It is designed as a matter of governance and transparency so that stakeholders in various decisions may inform themselves as to how decisions are usually made.  An Operational Protocol is not policy, and cannot be subject to appeal.]

Last Updated 15 July 2016.