Claim for payment

Before completing and submitting these forms, please review the guidelines provided in the following operational protocols:

› Operational protocol - Officiating and DT Reimbursements

› Operational protocol - Payments by the AFF

HPP Forms

Instructions regarding the completion and submission of the forms are included on each form.  Athletes should also note the > Operational Protocol with respect to exemptions and withdrawals

A brief suspension:
1. is defined as a period of three weeks or less
2. may be approved by the training squad coach for the first instance each quarter
3. any subsequent brief suspension in the same quarter to be approved by the HPM

Download pdf Brief suspension of AFS or AFT commitment

Suspension of AFT/AFS commitments can be made on the following grounds:

  • Medical Condition/Injury (Attach MedicalCertificate)
  • Overseas Tour (Attach Tour itinerary and letter of approval from yourNWC)
  • Personal Circumstances (Please attach details)
  • Athlete residing Overseas (Attach detailed alternate training schedule and letter of
    approval from NWC)*

Download pdf form Suspension of AFT or AFS commitment

Variations can be requested based on:

  • Value in Kind (VIK) arrangement with coach
  • Personal relationship with coach and as such, don’t pay for individual lessons.
  • Other

Download pdf form Variation of AFT or AFS individual lesson payments

Applications for variations to payment of squad  fees can be made based on:

  • athlete lives a significant distance from the location of State squad training and as such attendance
    is not a practical option (i.e. not in the same city)
  • athlete does not pay squad fees in state as I has Value in Kind (VIK) arrangement
  • other

Download pdf form Variation of AFT or AFS squad payments

Athletes may request to withdraw from the AFS or AFT based on:

  • Medical Condition/Injury (Please Attach Medical Certificate)
  • Personal Circumstance (Please attach details)

Download pdf  form Withdrawal from AFT or AFS