When and Where Born:

City of Residence:
Melbourne, Australia

When and Why they started fencing:
Started fencing at Mitcham High School at 13 years of age. The school had a club & ran a beginners' class. It appealed to me because it was new & different to all the other sports I played.

International Results

Los Angeles Olympics - Women's Foil - 29
Moscow Olympics - Women's Foil - 25
Commonwealth Fencing Championships - Women's Foil - Gold
Montreal Olympics - Women's Foil - 19

National Results

National Opens - Women's Foil - Gold
National Opens - Women's Epee - Gold
National Opens - Women's Foil - Gold
National Opens - Women's Foil - Gold
National Opens - Women's Foil - Gold
National Opens - Women's Foil - Gold
National Opens - Women's Foil - Gold
National Opens - Women's Foil - Gold
National Opens - Women's Foil - Gold
National Juniors - Women's Foil - Gold
National Juniors - Women's Foil - Gold



1994 - 2002
1990 - 1995


Helen began Fencing at 14 and retired at age 31. Her international career spanned 11 years. She is a triple Olympian, representing Australia in Fencing at the 1976, 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games. She was Commonwealth Champion in both individual and team women?s foil, Oceania Champion and 9 times Australian Champion.

She held the position of Australian Team Manager for Fencing from 1990 to 2000. This included appointment by the AOC to the position of Section Manager-Fencing at the 1992 Barcelona and 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Helen has been a qualified international referee for over 20 years and has officiated at numerous World Championships and many other international and national tournaments.

In 2006 she was appointed by the International Fencing Federation (FIE) as a member of the Directoire Technique for the running of the 2006 Junior & Cadet World Championships in South Korea and the World Championships in Italy. In 2008, she was appointed by the FIE to be the only female member of the Directoire Technique for the Beijing Olympic Games.

Helen was the first Australian woman to become a qualified Fencing Master at Arms (Maitre d?Armes d?Escrime) in all three weapons in 1992. In 1976 she established the Williamstown Fencing Club (now the Brunswick Dragons FC) in Melbourne and has been its Head Coach until recently. She has coached a number of fencers to Australian junior championships, open national finals and Australian representation.

As a volunteer administrator, Helen was President of the Victorian Amateur Fencing Association (VAFA) for 11 years, including 4 years as member of the Australian Fencing Federation (AFF) Executive before becoming President in 2000. She chaired the AFF Coaching Commission from 1996 to 2009 and the High Performance Program Commission from 2000 to 2009. She was a national selector for over 20 years. She served as an AFF Delegate to the International Fencing Federation (FIE) on many occasions.

She was VAFA Delegate to the Victorian Olympic Council (VOC) for over a decade prior to taking up a casual vacancy on the VOC Executive in 2001, being re-elected in 2005 and serving until 2009. During this time, she was an active member of the VOC Education Commission. She has also been AFF Delegate to the AOC on a number of occasions.

She was Vice President of the Commonwealth Fencing Federation and also a member of its Technical Commission from 1994 to 2002. In 2002 she was elected President unopposed and re-elected in 2006. In both these years she was also elected and re-elected as President of the Oceania Fencing Confederation (OFC).

Since becoming Oceania Confederation President in 2002, she has served as a member of the FIE Executive.

She was elected to its Rules Commission in 2000 and re-elected in 2004. She was appointed to the FIE Special Commission for the World Championships & Olympic Games from 2000 to 2008. In 2008 she was the FIE Delegate to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) 4th World Conference on Women in Sport and subsequently appointed as a founding member of the FIE Women in Fencing Commission in that same year.

As the OFC President, Helen also sits as a member of the Fencing Confederation of Asia (FCA) Executive on matters involving the both the Confederations. In 2008 she was appointed as Special Advisor for Women in Fencing to the FCA by the FCA President.

In April 2009, the FIE made her a Membre d?Honneur (Member of Honour).