When and Where Born:

City of Residence:
Hobart, Australia

When and Why they started fencing:
I began fencing in mid-2000 when a friend's mum asked if I'd like to go to a beginner class with her son. I needed a sport for my Bronze Duke of Ed and fencing sounded like fun.
I quickly became a fencing addict and, besides a break for a couple of years when I was ~19-21, I've been fencing and coaching regularly and don't intend to stop.
My first nationals were Cadets in 2001 when I was fourteen. I accidentally came 3rd, which just managed to increase my motivation to train. I continued to fence nationally and represented Australia here and in the UK.
I love fencing because it is a great way to get exercise, to switch off from the world, and you could fence for your entire life and still never know everything there is to know about the sport. It's fun and challenging, and I can't imagine a better passion.
I love coaching because I get to share the sport with others, and as with fencing, you'll never know everything there is to being a fencing coach.

National Results

National Opens - Men's Epee - 68
AFC #1 - Men's Epee - 79
National Opens - Men's Epee - 73


2016 - Current
University of Tasmania Fencing Club
2015 - 2017
Victorian Fencing Academy
2011 - Current
Van Diemen Fencing Club
2008 - 2010
University of Tasmania Fencing Club
2000 - 2003
Bayeux Fencing Club
2000 - 2005
University of Tasmania Fencing Club