This Protocol describes in detail for State Associations the process and timings associated with athlete entry to events at AFC tournaments (excluding Schools events).

It is important to distinguish the difference between "registration" and "entry".  Entry to events is only possible if a State nominates an athlete for entry.  There may be reasons (affiliation, financial, code of conduct, member protection, etc.) why a fencer may not be in good standing with a Nation or State Association and thus may not be nominated for entry.  Registration is the process by which an athlete puts their name down to be considered for entry for an event.  As "registration" is invariably the same as "entry", the process below works on an administratively efficient "by exception" basis, in that it assumes that all registrants are eligible to be entered unless the TMC / AFF is advised otherwise.

The actual registration process starts approximately 6 weeks prior to the tournament.  However, this may be adjusted to minimise potential confusion for people entering events.  For example, the process for entry to AFC Juniors may be delayed until after AFC3 is complete, so that people do not mistakenly enter one event when they intended to enter another.

The process is as follows ("State" also refers to "Country"):

  1. (about 8 weeks prior to the tournament)
    1. The Host State will be queried as to any arrangements they wish to make regarding branded event merchandise sales via the ARPS facility.
    2. All States will be queried as to their team levy amounts for the tournament (if any), and whether they wish the AFF to collect these amounts on behalf of the respective State.
    3. There may also be some level of consultation with States about additional data capture (e.g. Team Availability).
    4. The tournament will be set up in ARPS as an event, with additional "optional items" to be enabled being the Team Levy amounts for each State (if to be collected by the AFF), and merchandise items (if so desired by the Host State).
    5. For any merchandise items, sizes and descriptions will be required to be supplied, with (preferbaly) images.  Prices will also be needed to specified, recognising that credit card processing fees of about 4% will also need to be allowed for.
  2. (about 6 weeks prior to the tournament)
    1. Registrations for fencers will open in ARPS.  ARPS will contain registrations for local fencers (normal entry and late entry by date), overseas fencers, and Club Teams - if any.  Where a local fencer is identifed as not capitated (based on affiliation information present in the AFF Portal), the system will prevent them from being registered.
    2. An article with relevant links will be published to the main AFF web page, and the menu option under Competitions (Online Registration). In addition, a link will be available progressively displaying the names of all registered fencers.
  3. (about 4 weeks prior to the tournament)
    1. The Host state will be remitted 50% of registration fees paid by fencers to that point, supported by a report (cc to the TMC).  No invoices will be issued at this point.
    2. The "Team Levy" states will be remitted all Team Levy fees paid by fencers so far, net of projected State Team Entry fees (assumed 3-6 fencers per weapon/gender = 1 team, 7+ fencers per weapon/gender = 2 teams).
  4. (about 2 weeks prior to the tournament)
    1. ARPS will close for normal registration, and the host state will be remitted an incremental 50% of registration fees, supported by a report (cc to the TMC).
    2. The "Team Levy" states will be remitted all incremental Team Levy fees paid by fencers so far, net of projected State Team Entry fees.  Where this net amount is less than about $300, the remittance will be held over until the final reconciliation (see below).
    3. For Team events, each State will have the number of teams calculated ("Entered Teams") based on the formula of 7+ fencers per weapon/gender = 2 teams, 3-6 fencers per weapon = 1 team.  State Associations will be advised of their Entered Teams and invited to alter these within 3 days.
    4. The AFF will do some 30-day and 60-day debtor checks.
    5. Late registration will commence.
  5. (about 1 week prior to the tournament)
    1. The Host State will be sent a formatted list of local and overseas registered fencers, and Entered Teams, suitable for inclusion in any printed program, with a copy to the Officiating Manager for confirmation / assessment of refereeing requirements.
    2. The DT/TMC may be sent a file suitable for uploading into the Engarde competition software, if requested.
  6. (1 day before the tournament)
    1. The AFF may do some further 30-day and 60-day debtor checks.
  7. (During the tournament)
    1. Online late registration will still be available, subject to good standing / capitation confirmation levy payment.  No cash will be taken at the tournament.
    2. Any Teams additional to the Entered Teams should be advised to the DT prior to the quarter-final of the associated Individual event.
  8. (About a week after the tournament)
    1. For Team events, each State will be sent an invoice by the AFF as agent for the host state for the Entered Teams plus (at the Late Team Entry Fee) any additional teams entered.
    2. A final reconciliation will be undertaken, online refunds provided for validated medical withdrawals, and a final remittance of 50% will be provided to the host state, subject to DT reconciliation.
    3. An invoice for the Tournament licensing fee will be provided to the Host State, and payment for this will be drawn from the registration fees held by the AFF.

[An Operational Protocol is information about the process by which the AFF Executive generally makes its decisions. It is designed as a matter of governance and transparency so that stakeholders in various decisions may inform themselves as to how decisions are usually made. An Operational Protocol is not policy, and cannot be subject to appeal.]

Last Updated 8 March 2016.