What is the Australian Fencing Portal?

Membership information is controlled exclusively by state associations, but held nationally in the Australian Fencing Portal. All athletes and coaches have Portal records, as do many parents and administrators / volunteers.

The AFF uses information stored in the Australian Fencing Portal for many activities, so it's important you log in from time-to-time to ensure details about you are correct. Read this article to learn more about the portal.

Log in

Usernames are made up using the following:

1) First letter of first name
2) First 2 letters of family name
3) Date of birth in the format DDMMYY

eg. For Joe Bloggs, who is born on the 10 Dec 1986, his Username is JBL101286

If you do not know your password, please use the Forgotten Password option on the Login page. This will reset your password and the system will email it to you at the email address that is in the Portal for you. Please wait up to 15 minutes for the email to arrive. If you do not receive an email, and after checking your spam/junk email folder, please email for assistance with your email address.

Name and DOB

Check the Name and Date of Birth as they are displayed on the 'My Details' page in the Portal, as this is the way you have to provide your name to the competition entry system.

A common problem encountered by parents is the incorrect entry of their child's date of birth, so this should be checked carefully against what appears in the portal.

Affiliation status

From the Menu, click on 'My Details' and from the expanded menu, click on 'Memberships (State/National)'
This will show you what memberships have been uploaded for you by your State Association.

Ensure that you have an affiliation for the current year, and it is at the appropriate level for you. This should be Competitive or Full or "capitated" to access all AFF activities such as competitions, camps, squads and tours. Participative affiliations are insufficient, and this can be addressed via your state association.

You should also ensure that you have no debts due to the AFF, as this will block the Portal from being able to confirm that you have a correct State affiliation.

If any aspect of your basic Portal data is incorrect, you should contact your state association in the first instance.

International Competition Eligibility

(Only) if you are nominating for an international competition, or the High Performance Program, you must also ensure that you have satisfied all of the pre-requisites for international representation.
Check your Passport details: From the menu select "My Details" -> "My Passports", and check that you have a current passport that has been verified. If it is not verified after 48 hours of uploading, please email support@fencing.org.au.
Check your Official photo: From the menu select "My Details" -> "Official Photo", and check that it has been verified. If it is not verified after 48 hours of uploading, please email support@fencing.org.au
Check your Handedness: From the menu select "My Details" -> "Personal Details", and update it if necessary.