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  1. Purpose of the Athlete Agreement 

  2. Commencement & Term 

  3. AFF’s High Performance Program Management 

  4. High-Performance Program 

  5. National Squad 

  6. Categories of Membership 

  7. Fees 

  8. International Events and Championships 

  9. Policies, Guidelines and Conduct 

  10. Athlete Undertakings 

  11. Definitions 



Athlete Agreement


The Party specified in Item 1 of the Schedule (“AFF”)

The Party specified in Item 2 of the Schedule (“the Athlete”, "you", “your”)

Operative clauses

  1. Purpose of the Athlete Agreement

1.1   The purpose of this Athlete Agreement is to:

(a) Acknowledge your commitment to being a member of the National Squad;

(b) Define the terms and conditions under which you become a member of the National Squad;

(c) Establish expectations from the AFF regarding commitment, behaviour, performance, rules governing participation; and

(d) other matters pertaining to National Squad participation.

  1. Commencement & Term

2.1   This agreement shall commence at the Commencement date specified in Item 3 of the Schedule and shall operate until the Termination date specified at Item 4 of the Schedule.

  1. AFF’s High Performance Program Management

3.1  The AFF’s National Squad and its High-Performance Program (HPP) are designed to optimize and support athlete performance and are managed by the AFF’s High Performance Commission (HPC). The HPC is your primary contact regarding the National Squad.

3.2  The HPC delivers the High-Performance Program to National Squad Members.

3.3  The HPC may be contacted by way of contact details are specified in Item 5 of the Schedule.

  1. High-Performance Program

4.1  The HPP manages the services of the National Coaching Team and provides access to a range of resources across technical, physical, strategic, and sports psychology.

  1. National Squad

5.1  The National Squad is the only pathway to represent Australia at certain international events. National Squad members should refer to the AFF Selection Policy.

5.2  National Squad members work with the HPC and National Coaching Team to develop an individual High Performance Program Plan (IPP) for each Athlete.

5.3  The High-Performance Program Outline which details how the HPC delivers National Squads is located at Attachment 1.

5.4  The High Performance Program Outline is continually evolving and the HPC reserves the right to vary the High Performance Program Outline The HPC will keep athletes abreast of changes in the program.

  1. Categories of Membership

6.1  In accordance with the AFF’s Selection Policy, the AFF requires Athletes to nominate for the National Squad in the following categories, for each weapon and each gender:

(a) Senior;

(b) Junior;

(c) Cadet;

(d) Youth (U15)

6.1  For administrative purposes, the HPC manages the above categories, for each weapon and each gender, by grouping these as follows:

(a) Adult (Senior, junior, Cadet);

(b) Youth (U15);

  1. Fees

7.1  The AFF charges a fee for membership and participation in the National Squad. Such fees are specified in Item 6 of the Schedule and are payable within the terms as specified in Item 6.

7.2  Fees paid for National Squad Membership contribute to financing High-Performance Program activities.

7.3  In the event of an athlete withdrawing from the National Squad without approval of the AFF, if there is a balance of the fees owing under this agreement those fees will still be payable to the AFF.

  1. International Events and Championships

8.1  National Squad Members will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to make themselves available for International Championships and International Events.

8.2  The AFF and HPC will provide support to help facilitate participation in International Events.

  1. Policies, Guidelines and Conduct

9.1  As a member of the National Squad, you are bound by all of the AFF’s Policies (which includes the Codes of Conduct), guidelines, and instructions which may be issued by the AFF, the HPC or the National Coaching Team from time to time.

9.2  If you fail to comply with AFF policies, guidelines or an instruction from the HPC or National Coaching Team you may be subject to action under this Agreement or another relevant AFF policy.

9.3  If the HPC considers that you have breached an AFF Policy, guideline or instruction of the HPC, the HPC may take any step, issue any direction or impose any restriction pending the HPC referring that breach to be dealt with under this Agreement, clause 9.5, or another relevant AFF Policy, and those directions or restrictions enforceable until such time as the AFF has communicated with you anything alternative, or the matter has been dealt with under the relevant policy.

9.4  If the HPC takes any step, issues a direction or imposes a restriction under 9.2 or 9.3 it must report that step, direction or restriction to the AFF Board so that the step, direction or restriction can be dealt with under this Agreement or any other relevant policy (as determined solely by the AFF Board) and within seven days of having taken a step, issued a direction or imposed a restriction. It must give all details regarding that step, direction or restriction in its report to the Board.

9.5  Where the athlete is considered by the HPC to be in breach of this Agreement, the HPC may, giving consideration of the severity of the breach, enforce sanctions which may include:

(a) A Warning Notice;

(b) Withdrawal or exclusion from funding;

(c) A fine;

(d) Suspension from the National Squad and High Performance Program; or

(e) Termination of the Athlete Agreement.

9.6  If you do not remain in good financial standing with the AFF and you accrue debt with the AFF that exceeds its credit terms, the HPC may terminate this agreement which will terminate your place on the National Squad (and may impact your ability to enter certain competitions). In the event you are terminated under this section, you will still be liable to pay to the AFF your accrued debt and any future debt that may arise, but not yet accrued.

9.7 If, under clause 9, the HPC takes action against an Athlete for being in breach of this agreement, the Athlete must first address any appeal against any action taken to the HPC. The HPC is obliged to form a panel to assess the appeal. The HPC must report the appeal details and decision to the AFF Board.

9.8 If an athlete remains unsatisfied regarding action taken against them after having satisfied the process outlined in clause 9.7, they may request that a Tribunal be established to hear a review of the decision under the procedure outline in the AFF Tribunal Appointment and Procedure Policy.

  1. Athlete Obligations

10.1 The Athlete agrees to the following:

(a) To be bound by this Agreement.

(b) Make yourself available to the HPC to develop an individual High Performance Program Plan (IPP).

(c) Attend National Squad Training Sessions, or State Squads session run by either the AFF or a Member State (which may be run in conjunction with National Squad), at least once a week, withthe following parameters:

(i) The AFF may, from time to time, nominate which National Squad Training Session an athlete must attend; and

(ii) You are exempted from this requirement if you live more then 40km from a place that a National Squad Training Sessions or a State Squad session is run or if there is no such session run in your state.

(d) Perform all things under your IPP.

(e) To endeavour to compete in International Events.

(f) To pay all personal expenses (including travel and accommodation) involved in participating in events, competitions, training camps, seminars and development sessions in your IPP.

(g) To nominate a Personal Coach for individual training sessions who is either a member of the National Coaching Team, or a member of a State Fencing Association (or if not Australian based, is recognised by their National Federation) and who is accredited by the AFF, (unless they are a non-resident coach) or elect to have individual training sessions with the National Technical Director (if possible) or National Weapon or Assistant Coach (if possible), and permit that coach to receive information about you as collected by the AFF.

(h) To maintain ongoing communication and engagement with the HPC and the National Technical Director.

(i) To respect the facilities and equipment of the AFF, a Member State or any venue occupied by the AFF or a Member State.

(j) To strictly abide by the Tour Rules and avoid individual or collective behaviour which may reasonably be held by spectators, other fencers, officials or the AFF to be inappropriate for an elite athlete who is a member of the National Squad.

(k) To abide by the AFF Code of Conduct including that for Athletes.

(l) To supply a suitable photograph to the AFF.

(m) To give your permission for your personal image or any image or video taken of you by the AFF to be used in promotional or other material utilised by the AFF.

(n) Apply for and receive FIE licences that are valid for the term of this Agreement.

(o) To supply accurate and current contact details, or (if a minor) accurate and current contact details of a legal guardian.

(p) To promptly attend to all AFF and HPC processes and requests from AFF and the HPC.

(q) Acknowledge that it may be necessary for the AFF to vary this Agreement and your IPP.

(r) Be bound by any variations to this Agreement and your IPP.

(s) Remain in financial good standing with the AFF and all Member States.

(t) Consent to the AFF and its Member States sharing information about you including your personal information and your attendance at squads.

  1. Definitions
  • 11.1 The following meanings are attributed to the following words:

    (a) AFF Code of Conduct for Athletes means the code of conduct set out in Attachment B4 of the National Member Protection Policy issued and published by the AFF on its website from time to time.

    (b) AFF Policies means all of the policies and operational protocols of the AFF that are published on the AFF website including the AFF Member Protection Policy, Anti-Doping Policy, Communications (Athletes) Policy, Publicity Policy (and the FIE Publicity Code), AFF Selection Policy, Sponsorship Policy, Social Media Policy and Disciplinary Policy, and any other Policy introduced by the AFF as published on the AFF website.

    (c) AFF Selection Policy means the policy issued and published by the AFF which explains how selections for the National Squad and qualification for International Events are made.

    (d) Agreement means this agreement including any annexures, addendums, schedules or variations to this agreement.

    (e) Athlete(s) mean the person(s) specified in Item 3 of the Schedule and includes in the case of a minor, the Athlete and the Athletes parent or guardian.

    (f) High Performance Commission or HPC means the AFF’s High Performance Commission.

    (g) High Performance Program means the totality of the training, development, and competition program set by the AFF, managed by the High-Performance Commission, with the support of the National Coaching Team, as set-out in the High Performance Program Outline, and communicated to National Squad Members from time to time by the HPC and the National Coaching Team. It also includes the Individual Performance Program Plan of National Squad members.

    (h) HPC Integrated Competition Schedule means the competition scheduled published by the HPC.

    (i) HPP Program-specific Coaches means any coach included in the National Coaching Team by virtue of their role overseeing a particular program. An example of this would be mindset, or strength and conditioning.

    (j) Individual Performance Plan means the individual plan agreed to by you in the HPC and documented as such.

    (k) International Events carry the broadest possible definition and are those events that require the AFF to field, process or enter an athlete’s or team’s entry or involves the endorsement of the AFF or otherwise confirmation of the AFF to any entry for any event.

    (l) Member State means a Member State of the AFF as defined in the AFFs constitution.

    (m) National Assistant Coach means any person appointed to the position of National Assistant Coach by the HPC and may hold that role from time to time.

    (n) National Coaching Team means all coaches included under the High Performance Program, inclusive of, but not limited to, the National Technical Director, the National Weapon Coach, National Assistant Coaches, and any other HPP Program-specific Coaches such as National Strength and Conditining, Mindset Coaches and any other coach added by the HPC.

    (o) National Squad means the squad chosen to represent Australia pursuant to the AFF Selection Policy.

    (p) National Technical Director means the person appointed by the AFF to oversee and manage all technical aspects associated with a particular weapon

    (q) National Training Program means the fencing training program designed for individual members of the National Squad.

    (r) National Weapon Coach means the national coach in charge of your weapon as appointed by the AFF from time to time.

    (s) Personal Coach means the accredited coach nominated by me under clause 10(g).

    (t) State Fencing Association means the body responsible for the management and development of the sport of fencing in your State.

    (u) Tour Rules means the standing rules issued and published by the AFF that cover all AFF fencing tours.









Item 1     


Australian Fencing Federation Ltd ACN 161 544 752

312/22 Ben Lexcen Place

Robina QLD 4226



Item 2     







Item 3      

Date of Commencement:

15 August 2023

Item 4      

Date of Termination:

14 August 2024

Item 5      

HPP Contact Details



Item 6     



(a)            Senior - $1,716 (including GST)

(b)            Junior - $1,716 (including GST)

(c)            Cadet - $1,716 (including GST)

(d)            Youth (U15) - $638 (including GST)




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