HPP Athlete Agreement

The HPP Athlete Agreement (below) applies to both Australian Fencing Team (AFT) and Australian Fencing Squad (AFS) members across all age categories. However, the training and competition commitments for level of membership and for each age category are different (as set out in Schedule 1 of the Agreement and in the Annual Plan).

Fencers should carefully review the fee provisions of the Athlete Agreement as well as the training and competition obligations, before deciding whether they wish to nominate for the High Performance Program. Fencers should also note the provisions regarding withdrawal from the High Performance Program and termination of the agreement.

Joining the High Performance Program is a significant commitment. Athletes must be available to compete at the designated international competitions (if selected). Exceptions will not generally be made for individual circumstances such as conflicting educational or work requirements, costs of travel, personal concerns about the location of events or inconvenience associated with the timing of events. Accordingly, athletes are requested to plan ahead and obtain any necessary external approvals before committing to the program.

The Athlete Agreement refers to a number of Policies and other documents, which are all listed on this page: Policies

Fencers should note that:

FIE Publicity Code

This is available on the FIE web site in French and translated on the British Fencing website (view Fie Publicity Code here)

Code of Conduct for Athletes

This is contained within the Member Protection Policy (view Member  Protection Policy here)

Publicity Policy

This is effectively contained within the Sponsorship Policy (view Sponsorship Policy here).