AFT Documents

Applying for an exemption

Please complete forms below

For withdrawals from HPP training commitments of less than three weeks please contact the National Weapons Coach or Assistant National Weapons Coach in your state for approval for the absence.

For withdrawals from HPP training commitments of greater than three weeks athletes must fill in the HPP withdrawal form and email to the HPM. The withdrawal will then be considered by the Executive Chair to the HPP and the HPM and you will be notified of the decision.

Brief Suspension of AFT or AFS Commitment

Suspension of AFT or AFS Commitment

Variation of AFT or AFS Individual Lesson Payment

Variation of AFT or AFS Squad Payment

Withdrawal from AFT or AFS

All forms should be emailed to the High Performance Manager.

Invoicing of athletes

All athletes are issued with quarterly High Performance Program invoices including the following items:

• Personal Lesson Fees. These are invoiced at the rate as indicated, regardless of the actual value of lessons as charged by an athlete’s personal coach. Where the coach charges more for lessons, the athlete and personal coach should come to an agreement regarding the payment of the shortfall.

• Squad Attendance Fees. These are invoiced at the rate as indicated, which is in line with the squad fees as charged in the relevant State.

• Participation Contribution Fee. This fee is as documented in the relevant guidelines, found under the HPP Forms and Documents menu (click here), and depending on the category of membership includes costs associated with coach travel, camps, and HPP administration.

Credit notes and refunds

Where an athlete has paid a deposit as part of their (successful) HPP nomination, this is offset against the next invoice after becoming part of the HPP. No credit note is issued; it merely appears as a rebate on the statement issued some time after invoicing.

Credit notes issued because of an exemption will apply from the billing quarter during which the exemption is granted and onwards from there (i.e. they cannot be back-dated to previous billing quarters).

World Cup Nomination

To nominate for FIE World Cup Competitions, you must complete this form and submit it to the ... where?

World Cup Nomination

Paying for overseas tours

1. On nomination, a deposit amount is collected. This deposit amount is used to offset the various tour costs that start to be incurred by the AFF on behalf of athletes. Based on the number, age, gender and weapons of the athletes to be travelling, athlete (in)experience, event significance, external funding aspects, and likely costs, the AFF makes a decision in the best interests of the team (and Australia) of the staff that will be sent with the team to the event. This decision is not in the hands of the athletes (or parents); it is formed from the AFF's experience over many decades of tour management. Also on nomination, athletes are asked about their travel insurance arrangements. Unless specific confirmed arrangements are provided at that stage, athletes will be charged a per-day recovery of the AFF's insurance levy. Where a late nomination is permitted, a late fee may also be charged. This late fee does not form part of the deposit amount offset against actual per-athlete costs, but instead will be applied to the whole-of-tour costs and thus reduce the team levy for all athletes.
2. After selection, athletes are expected to commence arrangements (and payments) associated with their travel to and from the country of competition. By exception, some events (e.g. Category E events) may require athletes to arrange their own accommodation and in-country transport.
3. Approximately one-two months prior to the event, a further deposit amount is collected, largely to deal with any accommodation and in-country transport payments that may need to be made on behalf of athletes, in addition to other costs such as referee fines, per diems or honorariums for tour staff, etc.
4. While on tour, management may incur further incidental and unplanned costs to facilitate their roles. Examples include emergency or non-host-arranged transport, communciation costs in-country, etc.
5. Following the tour, all actual costs that have been incurred by the AFF on behalf of athletes are divided such that a single per-athlete team levy figure is calculated. The AFF does not provide a breakdown of this calculation. Where a tour consists of High Performance Program (HPP) and non-HPP athletes, the AFF may elect to increase the non-HPP levy to allow for additional costs incurred or workload as a result of the additional non-HPP athlete tour involvement.
6. Accommodation is calculated as per invoices received from the hosts or the team hotel. The AFF seeks to allocate two athletes per room and the total cost for each room is split evenly between the athletes sharing that room (regardless of the respective arrival and departure dates). Where an athlete chooses to have a single room, or extends their stay beyond the tour, that specific accommodation cost is allocated only to them. Where an athlete must room by themselves due to gender numbers and combinations, the athlete will need to pay half the accommodation cost, with the remainder being allocated into the team levy amount. The AFF always chooses hotel accommodation which is a balance of safety, cost, availability, venue proximity, utility for transfers (venue and airport), and host country recommendation.
7. An invoice (or credit & refund) is provided to each athlete which outlines that specific athlete's costs (accommodation, levy, entry, transfers, insurance, etc.), less the deposit amounts already paid. Where a nomination deposit is collected, but there are no or minimal tour costs, the deposit will be returned after the event has taken place. This retention is intended to deal with unexpected per-athlete costs that are levied on the AFF (e.g. non-appearance penalties).

Apply for events to be assessed by the Selection Commission for rankings points

At least four months prior to an event, athletes may make an "Application for Assessment of a Category E Event" by registering and paying the fee (click here). This application process is largely governed by Sections 3.10 to 3.13 of the Policy. The information to be included in this Application is as follows:

  • Competition name
  • Application Age Category, Gender, Weapon
  • Competition location
  • Competition timing (i.e. date)
  • Expected format of competition
    • How many rounds of poules
    • How many hits per pool bout
    • What percentage are promoted to the direct elimination
    • Whether there is a repercharge
    • How many hits per DE bout
  • Expected approximate number of fencers in competition
  • Expected approximate number of fencers promoted to the direct elimination
  • Contact details for responsible body:
    • Name of body
    • Name of person
    • Email or phone number
  • Web site for previous years' results - a direct link must be provided if possible

Within two weeks of the application, the Selection Commission will advise the athlete the result of their assessment

The assessment will usually take the form of a multiplier of the points awarded under the Selection Policy Appendix A for the equivalent Age Category Oceania Championships (held outside Australia).

Where the Selection Commission does not provide a formal assessment within the two weeks mandated under the Selection Policy, a default assessment will be deemed to have taken place, allocating a multiplier of one (1).

Events successfully assessed for ranking points will be published on this website and will appear there until such time as the event has taken place.

Athletes should note that the allocation of points in one gender / weapon within a tournament does not imply the allocation of points in any other gender / weapon, and that a previous year's allocation of points is no indicator of future years.

Upcoming events which have already been assessed by the Selection Commission for rankings points can be viewed here.

Where an Australian fencer competes in an event which has been approved by the Selection Commission to attract ranking points, they must email the AFF following the event below with a link to the confirmed final tournament rankings.