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Changes to the High Performance Program

As nominations open for the next cycle of the open age group High Performance Program (HPP), the following administrative changes have been implemented by the AFF.


Athletes will pay a small monthly participation fee to the AFF but will no longer pay quarterly charges for individual lessons and state-based squad sessions. The AFF will work with states and personal coaches to ensure compliance with the training and competition program set out in annual plans. However, HPP athletes will now be responsible for making payment directly to their providers for lessons and squads.

The participation fee will contribute to HPP camp costs and other national coaching initiatives and will be levied monthly to assist athletes manage their cashflow.

Variations to the annual plans

Weapon-specific annual plans have been developed by the National Weapons Coaches and are published on the AFF website. Athletes have an opportunity to review the annual plans before nominating for the HPP and can request a variation to account for their personal circumstances. These requests can be submitted at the time of nomination.

Fee waiver a reward for excellence

To recognise and reward athletes who have achieved the pinnacle of their sport at the national level, the HPP participation fee will be waived for the top-ranked nominating fencer in each gender and weapon category in the open age group. The ranking date used will be the date at which first-round nominations close and will only be available to athletes who nominate at the beginning of the cycle.

Online application process

The nomination process can now be completed online, with individualised athlete agreements generated for electronic signing and submission directly from the website.


Changes to billing practices will apply to the open age category High Performance Program 2019-20 and will be rolled out to other age categories in coming months.

View the updated HPP webpage here.

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