Apply to have an overseas event assessed

Fencers may request an assessment of overseas events for an allocation of ranking points as a Category E event as defined by the AFF Selection Policy. Only affiliated members of State Associations can request assessments.

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Events already approved

The AFF maintains a list of overseas events which have been allocated ranking points as specified in Appendix A of the Selection Policy.



The AFF charges administration fees for:

  • assessing overseas events for Australian ranking points
  • administering entry to an overseas event for Australian fencers

Category"E" competition assessment$50Application fee when requesting Selection Commission undertake a ranking points assessment.
Category "E" event entry$50Charged when entry is required to be made by AFF on behalf of athlete eg World Cup satellite events, foreign national events


Enter an overseas event

The AFF manages Australian fencers' entry nominations to overseas events assessed for ranking points.