The following conditions apply in addition to all other conditions, rules and policies that must be complied with by a coach and/or member of the AFF who works with any person who is a person or child under the age of 18 (Young Person).

These conditions are part of the conditions of your AFF Coach Accreditation.

A breach of any of these conditions may result in termination of your AFF Coach Accreditation and/or your AFF membership and/or an order banning you from attending fencing venues.

  1. When coaching a Young Person, you are in a position of trust where there is an imbalance of power and authority. You must not in any way abuse that trust.
  2. You must not engage in any activity that establishes a close relationship with a Young Person or with their parents or guardian in order to create an environment where sexual abuse, or social/emotional intimacy can occur.
  3. You must not:
    1. persuade a Young Person that they have a special relationship with you;
    2. cultivate a special relationship or intimate (whether physical or emotional) friendship or relationship with a Young Person;
    3. test a Young Person’s physical, sexual, social or emotional boundaries;
    4. inappropriately extend your relationship beyond the relationship of a coach in the sport of fencing;
    5. require a Young Person to keep any emotional or social secret or secrets of a sexual nature;
    6. discuss with a Young Person or ask them about, their sex life, your sex life or sex in general;
    7. engage in inappropriate conversations with a Young Person of a sexual nature;
    8. make a Young Person feel that they are responsible for establishing a special or intimate (whether physical or emotional ) relationship with you;
    9. communicate privately with a Young Person;
    10. communicate with a Young Person via telephone, text, online messaging, or social media unless that communication is in the presence of another adult or is in a group chat or group text that includes other adults and has been established for the purpose of fencing or training;
    11. send any photos to a Young Person via any platform such as snap chat, where that photo disappears;
    12. use any other person’s telephone or computer to communicate with a Young Person in a manner prohibited by any of these conditions;
    13. give a gift to a Young Person unless officially approved to do so;
    14. give any gift to a Young Person’s parent or guardian;
    15. take a Young Person or Young Persons out for drinks, ice cream, a meal or similar activity, unless officially approved;
    16. take a Young Person or Young Persons in your vehicle without the express written permission of their parent or guardian in circumstances where there is no practical alternative
    17. behave in the presence of or speak to a Young Person in any way that is objectively age inappropriate or in a way that places a Young Person at risk of harm or at risk of emotional distress;
    18. make any private inquiry or record as to a young person’s menstrual cycle, gender related bodily functions and development (including their menstrual cycle if they are a female);
    19. touch the Young Person in a manner that is objectively inappropriate or unwarranted or that would make them feel uncomfortable;
    20. display any technical fencing or physical training position to a Young Person by touching them (instead, demonstrate the position yourself or, when demonstrating a fencing position, guide the Young Person gently with your blade);
    21. make comments about a Young Person’s physical attributes that would make them feel uncomfortable, distress them or that an adult would reasonably consider inappropriate;
    22. inquire into a Young Person’s private life;
    23. encourage a Young Person to view videos, websites or images of a sexual or intimate nature; or
    24. create division between a Young Person and their parents or guardian or other fencers.
  4. If, with written parental permission, you are taking a young person home from training or competition, you must go straight there without any stops or diversions along the way.
  5. If you are driving a young person in your vehicle, you must ensure that they sit in the back seat wherever practical.

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