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National Events

05 Aug - 06 Aug 2017
2017 HPP Spring Invitational camp.
12 Aug - 13 Aug 2017
AFC Schools Individuals - Brisbane
25 Aug - 28 Aug 2017
AFC3 - Sydney
02 Sep - 03 Sep 2017
Asian Cadet Sabre - Sydney
21 Sep - 24 Sep 2017
AFC Junior Championships - Melbourne
08 Dec - 12 Dec 2017
Australian Senior and Veteran Fencing Championships - Canberra.
14 Dec - 17 Dec 2017
HPP “Summer” Camp
15 Feb - 18 Feb 2018
Australian Junior Championships 2018

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Thankyou for your support of the Sport of Fencing in Australia.

General FAQ

This list is of General Frequently Asked Questions. 
If your question is concerning competitions, you may find it in the Competitions FAQ
If its related to the AFF high performance program you may find it in the High Performance Program FAQ.



The AFF has a number of automatic email lists.  These lists are generated each night based on informtion in the AFF Administration Portal.  Whilst the AFF uses a commercial product to send the emails from these lists, the management of them is via the AFF administration Portal. 

If you wish to opt out of these lists, please perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the AFF Administration Portal (https://portal.fencing.org.au/) and login using your username and password.
  2. From the 'Members Details" tab, select the "Automatic Email Opt-Out" option.
  3. Now select the "Add" button.
  4. Select the list that you wish to opt out of, and press the 'Tick'

You should now see the email address that has been opted out of the selected list. 

Also note, that changes to the lists are only applied once a day, so changes may take upto 24 hours to take effect.

You can not opt out of a High Performance Program list.  These ones are requirements of the High Preformance Program membership.