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Competitions FAQ

Questions relating to the Australian National Tournaments as hosted by the State Associations  and Australian entries for International Competitions .

How Can I Check My Affiliation Status?

Affiliation information is controlled exclusively by State Associations, but held in a central (National) database, known as the Administratve Portal.  All athletes and coaches have Portal records, as do many parents and administrators / volunteers.

Accessing the Portal

To access the AFF Administrative Portal, go to https://portal.fencing.org.au, and enter your Username (which is also your National Membership Number).

Your Username is made up using the following:
1) First letter of your firstname
2) First 2 letters of your Family name
3) Your date of birth in the format DDMMYY

eg. For Joe Bloggs, who is born on the 10 Dec 1986, his Username is JBL101286

If you do not know your password, you can use the Forgotten Password option on the Login page. This will reset your password and the system will email it to you at the email address that is in the Portal for you. Please wait up to 15 minutes for the email to arrive. If you do not receive an email, and after checking your spam/junk email folder, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance with your email address.

Checking your Name and Date of Birth

Log in to the AFF Administrative Portal
Check the Name and Date of Birth as they are displayed on the 'My Details' page in the Portal, as this is the way you have to provide your name to the competition entry system.

Checking your Current Affiliations / Memberships

Log in to the AFF Administrative Portal
From the Menu, click on 'My Details' and from the expanded menu, click on 'Memberships (State/National)'
This will show you what memberships have been uploaded for you by your State Association
Ensure that you have one for the current year, and it is at the appropriate level for you (eg it should say Competitive to access AFF competitons and camps, not Participative).
You should also ensure that you have no debts due to the AFF, as this will block the Portal from being able to confirm that you have a correct State affiliation.

Correcting your Portal Data

If any aspect of your Administrative Portal data is incorrect, you should contact your State Association office in the first instance (ie not the AFF).


Where are competitions held?

Australian Fencing Circuit events are held in the following locations (unless otherwise specified):

Adelaide: Immanuel College Sports Centre, 32 Morphett Road, Novar Gardens

Brisbane: Yeronga State High School (formerly Yeronga TAFE), Cnr Park & Villa Street, Yeronga

Canberra: Australian Institute of Sport Main Arena, Leverrier Crescent, Bruce

Melbourne: State Fencing Centre (North Melbourne Football Club), 204 Arden Streen, North Melbourne

Perth: Cockburn Basketball Stadium, Starling St, Hamilton Hill

Sydney: Marrickville PCYC ("Steel Park"), 531 Illawarra Road, Marrickville 


When purchasing an Int'l License, it errors with "Have you completed all Portal requirements ...".

Before you can purchase a licence you need to ensure that the following is provided in the Portal:
1) You have provided a current passport, and it has been verified
2) You have provided an official photo, and it has been verified
3) You have indicated which hand you fence with (your handedness)
4) you are a current Competitive member of your State Association, and this information has been uploaded to the Portal.

To check these details please follow these instructions:

1) Log into the Portal (https://portal.fencing.org.au/)

2) Check your Passport details
     a) From the menu select "My Details" -> "My Passports"
     b) Check that you have a current passport that has been verified.
            if it is not verified, and it been more than 48 hours, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3) Check your Official photo
     a) From the menu select "My Details" -> "Official Photo"
     b) Check that it has been Verified
            if it is not verified, and it been more than 48 hours, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4) Check your Handedness
     a) From the menu select "My Details" -> "Personal Details"
     b) Select "Click here to update this information"
     c) Ensure that you have indicated what Hand you fence with, and press "Save"

5) Check that you have been reported as a Competitive member of your association.
     a) From the menu select "My Details" -> "Memberships (State/National)"
     b) Check that the National Level column, indicates a "Competitive -... " for the current entry.
            If not, please contact your State Association for assistance.

If there has been any changes to the above options, it can take upto 1 hour before Register Now is updated.  


How do I enter an Australian Event (or enter late)?

All Fencers

Unless otherwise advised on the AFF website, all registrations for events (normal or late) are made through the AFF's Registration and Payment System ("ARPS") - see here.  There is no requirement for competitors to have their name and country/logo on their fencing uniform, or to hold an FIE licence.  Special conditions and pricing apply depending on whether you are Australian or from overseas.  Event registration usually opens about six weeks prior to each event.

Australian Fencers

National Events in Australia are open to all Australian fencers that are capitated to the Australian Fencing Federation, subject to being in good standing with both the relevant State/Territory Association and the AFF.  Teams competing at Australian events are representatives of their respective States, not of individual clubs within that State (with the exception of the Club Teams event held in some years).

Overseas Fencers

Entry to Australian National Tournaments is open to all fencers of the world.  International fencers must be a current member of their National federation which must be in good standing with the FIE, to take part, and the AFF will need to confirm as part of registration.  Fencers should note the equipment requirements for Australian National events: click here  - these may be different than those for your own Country.  Note that where it is not immediately possible to confirm good standing with your home Federation, the Tournament Management Commission must make enquiries, and this may take some days to complete.  You should allow for this time delay when registering.

The entry fee is for any/all weapons in the age group. ie. one entry fee will allow the fencer to enter the Foil, Epee, and Sabre in the age group (but an officiating levy may still apply). If there is more than one age group set of events at the tournament, and the Fencer wishes to fence in different age groups, then an entry payment per age group is required 

International Fencers (Non Oceania Confederation member countries)

Note that Teams competing at Australian events are representatives of their respective countries, not of individual clubs within that country.

If a competitor requires a formal letter of invitation (as a result of their country's residency, passport or visa conditions), this should be requested at least six weeks prior to the relevant event, by email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



How do I Check Whether I have a Current FIE Licence?

If you go to www.fie.org, one of the top menu bar items is Competitions, and you can access the Search facility from the Licenses option.

If you put in your surname, and Australia, and click Search, it will search for your FIE licence, and show you whether you have a license for the current year.

The FIE year goes from 1 October to 30 September.

So, for example, if you do a search, and your name appears for 2012/13, it means that you can compete in FIE events in the FIE 2012/13 year, which is (for most events) 1 October 2012 to 30 September 2013.

To obtain an licence, follow the steps on the web site page here under Competitions / FAQs: "I am an Australian Fencer; how do I enter an overseas event?".

General information about FIE licences can be found on the Documents and Policies area of this web site.


How much does it cost to compete?

The entry fees for each event hosted by the Australian Fencing Federation can be found on the AFF's Fees and Charges web page (click here).


I am an Australian fencer; how do I enter an overseas event?


Entry to overseas tournaments where Australia is invited to enter a number of fencers, or a team, will appear on this website approximately four months prior to the event date.  Nominations will go through a selection process, most commonly according to the Selection Policy.  Examples of this type of event include World, Zone, and Oceania Championships.  Each Nomination invitation carries its own specific conditions, but basically it requires that fencers have no debts with the AFF, an acknowledgement of team obligations, FIE license, etc.

Other overseas tournaments - typically non-Championships - must be entered through the AFF.  These are usually World Cups or A-Grade events, domestic competitions, or satellite events.  Some of these events carry special conditions (e.g. restrictions on citizenship), and may require membership of foreign fencing associations.  Fencers should note that many competitions carry a fine of up to about $600 for non-appearance, which is payable if you are entered and do not compete.

It is highly recommended that you never act through third parties in attempting to enter overseas events.  Often there will be a country-to-country entry or protocol requirement.  You should always make your own, direct queries of both the AFF and the foreign Federation regarding entry requirements.

Entry to European Fencing Circuit Events requires registration, and payment of the associated fee.

Entry Steps

In summary, these are the steps required for entry to EFC, FIE, or any other "Category E" events:

1.  Ensure that you are affiliated with your State association for the current year.

2.  Access your AFF Portal information and ensure that all address and contact details there are correct. 

3.  Add your Australian Passport in the AFF Portal ("My Passports"), and wait for it to be verified.

4.  Add your Official Photo in the AFF Portal ("Official Photo"), and wait for it to be verified - note that is is not your athlete bio photo.

5.  Ensure that you have read all of the sections of the Selection Policy relevant to the event to be entered.  Of particular note is section 2.2 of the Policy which relates to Team participation.

6.  Either:

(a)  For EFC events, apply and pay for your EFC licence in the AFF registration system here:  https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=13404  

(b)  For FIE events or for other events where an FIE licence is required for foreign entries, apply and pay for your FIE licence in the AFF registration system here:  https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=13404

7.  For FIE Junior or Senior World Cups or Grand Prix events:

(a) complete the relevant form as required under the Selection Policy (click here ), and send it to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (note change of email address - this email address includes the selections email address); AND

(b) check the International Events web page on this site under the Competitions Menu (click here ) and pay a nomination deposit there if required.

8.  For events which are not FIE Junior or Senior World Cups:

(a) check the International Events web page on this site under the Competitions Menu (click here ), or if the event does not appear there;

(b) email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (note change of email address).

Fencers must go through the above process themselves.  The only exception is for minors, in which case it must be done by a parent.  The reason for this relates to potential financial penalties associated with non-appearance, referee fines, etc. (see below).

Checking Your Entry

For FIE events, it is possible to check your entry by accessing www.fie.org , under the Competitions menu, Calendar, and searching for the competition details. The competition entries can be found under the Entries option.

For EFC events, it is possible to check your entry by accessing www.eurofencing.info , under the Tournaments menu searching for the competition details. The competition entries can be found by clicking on the event, then selecting the Inscriptions option.

Other Information

For full information on selected overseas events, refer to this web site under Competitions, Overseas Events.  Some events will require entry directly by the athletes (as opposed to by the AFF, on behalf of its athletes).  Where this is the situation, you will be advised of this by email following your request for entry.

Payment for the event happens according to the relevant event regulations prior to the event, usually at registration or weapons control and sometimes a day or two before the event.

If you are under 18, and will not be travelling with a parent, the FIE requires you to have a special document submitted to the event organisers (an example can be found here ).

For most FIE events, the FIE will accept entries up to 7 days prior to an event. That means that you must have completed all of the processes above 9 days prior.  Under the FIE rules, entries after that will attract a fine of at least $250 to $400, which must been confirmed as received in full by the AFF before any request is made to the FIE. When calculating how late an entry will be, the AFF will add 2 days for its own processes.


I have entered an Australian Event, but now cannot compete

Fencers who cannot compete in AFF competitions on medical grounds should email a medical certificate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  within one week of the final day of the tournament, and a refund will be arranged (by the AFF, not by the host State or the fencer's home federation or State Association).

Refunds will be provided in full (but net of transaction processing fees) for any withdrawals requested prior to the commencement of the late registration period for an AFC event, regardless of reason.

After the commencement of late registration period, refunds for withdrawal will not be available for reasons other than medical grounds, except where there are extreme extenuating circumstances, as determined on formal application to the Tournament Management Commission, who will decide the matter in their absolute discretion.  The same situation will apply for applications for medical withdrawals received more than a week following the final day of a tournament.

Veteran fencers whose event is mixed (men & women) either for the whole event, or for the pools only, may withdraw at any time up to and including the roll call stage of the event, and may receive refund of their entry fee.

Note that "transfers" of registration or entry fees from one event to another are not avilable as an alternative to any permitted refund.


Why aren't there any Satellite Events in Australia?

The AFF Executive has investigated the possibility of holding an FIE satellite event in some depth.

Such an event could only be run cost-effectively if held in conjunction with an Australian Fencing Circuit (AFC) event. However, such an arrangement would conflict with the current method running of AFC events, and would not be acceptable for a majority of the fencing community.  Specifically, it would require (a) a cut-off process whereby only a certain percentage (usually 70%) promotes from the pools to the direct elimination round, and (b) a firm entry cut-off process some weeks ahead of the event.

The Executive will review this again in the future, and actively look for opportunities to enable the running of an FIE Satellite event.


How do I qualify for an Asian Games event?

Australia is not a member of the various governing bodies for the Asian Games, Asian Youth Games, and East Asian Games, and thus Australian fencers are ineligible to enter competitions hosted by those governing bodies.


I am an overseas fencer; how do I compete for Australia?

The Australian Fencing Federation often receives queries from overseas or visiting fencers who wish to consider the possibility of competing for (or representing) Australia.

Commonwealth and FIE events (World Cups, Commonwealth Championships, Asian and World Championships, etc.) require an FIE licence in the country of citizenship.  Membership of the Australian Fencing Team and Australian Fencing Squad presume the ability to represent Australia, which is why the relevant Athlete Agreement requires an FIE licence.

Being qualified to represent Australia is therefore usually a three-step process.

*  The first requirement is permanent residency, which is gained through the Australian Government's visa system (see here: www.immi.gov.au).

*  After a period of both permanent residency, and what is known as lawful residency, it is then possible to apply for Australian Citizenship (see the Australian Government's Immigration website also for that information).

*  Once Australian Citizenship is obtained either by the steps above or some other method (see http://www.citizenship.gov.au/applying/how_to_apply/), the AFF can then apply for an FIE licence for a fencer, or apply for a change of country for an existing licenced fencer.  The FIE will only change the nominated country of a fencer once in their life.

Some regional or national events do not require an FIE licence, or do not require citizenship; merely entry by an athlete or a National Federation nominating an athlete who identifies a particular country as their country of competition.