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M. O'Brien Shield


M. O'Brien Shield

Ladies Foil Team

Maitre d'Armes Michael O'Brien has had a long and distinguished career in Australian Fencing as both a fencer and coach.  He was national Sabre Champion in 1955 and was coach of the Australian Olympic Foil Team at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

The M. O'Brien Shield is awarded at the National Championships to the champion Women's Foil Team.  The name of the champion team is engraved on a plate fixed to the shield for that purpose.








2010 New South Wales "A" 2011
New South Wales "A" 2012
New South Wales "A"
2007 New South Wales "A" 2008 New South Wales "A" 2009 Queensland
2004 New South Wales "A" 2005 New South Wales "A" 2006 Queensland "A"
2001 New Zealand 2002 New Zealand 2003 New South Wales "A"
1998 New South Wales "A" 1999 New South Wales "A" 2000 Victoria
1995 New South Wales "A" 1996 New South Wales "A" 1997 New South Wales "A"
1992 South Australia 1993 Victoria 1994 New South Wales "A"
1989 Victoria 1990 Victoria 1991 Victoria
1986 South Australia 1987 Victoria 1988 Victoria
1983 Victoria 1984 Victoria 1985 Peoples Republic of China
1980 Victoria 1981 Victoria 1982 Victoria
1977 Victoria 1978 Victoria 1979 Victoria
1974 Victoria 1975 Victoria 1976 Victoria
1971 Victoria 1972 Queensland 1973 Victoria
1968 Victoria 1969 New South Wales 1970 Victoria
1965 Victoria 1966 New South Wales 1967 New Zealand
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