The Australian Fencing Federation (AFF) was founded in 1949.  It is made up of member states from around Australia.  Currently there are 6 member states of the AFF. The work of the AFF is managed by a Board of Directors, comprising 5 elected directors, the Athletes Director and up to two appointed directors.


As the national governing body for the sport of Fencing in Australia, the AFF:


That Australian society will recognise Fencing as an exciting, accessible and challenging sport providing suitable opportunities for participation at all levels - recreational, competitive and elite.


Organisational Goals

The AFF has set the following organisational goals in order to meet its Mission:


Australian Fencing Federation Ltd ACN 161 544 752 is a public company limited by guarantee incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). It is also registered with an Australian Business Number of 90 209 501 432.