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Thankyou for your support of the Sport of Fencing in Australia.

The attached document outlines the Rules and Protocols for all AFF Fencing Tours.  If you are planning to go on a Tour, please ensure you are familiar with the document.

Other information which is relevant to tours is as follows:

* As part of tour registration, you will be asked what your travel insurance details are.  This information must bve provided at the time of registration, otherwise the AFF's daily insurance levy will be charged.  It is not possible to have this reversed at a later stage, and you will not be asked again for this information.

* During tour management initial communications, you will be asked about shared rooming preferences.  Although these will be taken into account in the final decision on room allocations, the tour manager may decide to allocate shared rooms based on team composition, athlete travel arrangements, financial consequences for the whole team, or any other significant factor.  Athletes (or parents of minors) may specifically request a single room, recognising the cost implications of such a request.  Non-tour members (e.g. parents, partners, etc) may not share rooms with athletes.

Download this file (684_PROTOCOLS AFF TOURS-COMPS v4.pdf)684_PROTOCOLS AFF TOURS-COMPS v4.pdf[ ]206 kB