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AFF D H McKenzie Tournament (Circuit #1) 2011 Brisbane


Saturday, 16 April:

09.00   to 4.00 AFT Foil Camp 2011 # 2 (Men & Women)
09:00   Men's Sabre
10:45   Women's Sabre
13:30   Veteran Men’s Sabre
14:00   Veteran Women’s Sabre

Sunday, 17 April:

09.00   to 4.00 AFT Sabre Camp 2011 # 2 (Men & Women)
09:00   Men's Epee
10:45   Women's Epee
13:45   Veteran Men's Foil
14:00   Veteran Women's Foil

Monday, 18 April:

09.00   to 4.00 AFT Epee Camp 2011 # 2 (Men & Women)
09:00   Men's Foil
10:45   Women's Foil
13:45   Veteran Men's Epee
14:15   Veteran Women's Epee

Weapons Check will be conducted an hour before each roll call and from 7:30-9:30 pm Friday 15th April.


Yeronga State High School Indoor Sports Centre - (Competition)

Yeronga State High School Assembly Hall - (Training Camps)


159 Villa Street Yeronga
Brisbane Qld 4104           (see attached map)