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National Insurance Scheme - Handbook and Coaches Information


This handbook has been written to provide a clear and concise summary of the national insurance policy purchased by The Australian Fencing Federation for its affiliated states, associations, clubs and individuals.

This handbook is not a policy document – anyone wishing to view the policy documents should request them from The Australian Fencing Federation. The terms and conditions of the policy shall prevail at all times.

If any clarification is required on any particular aspect of the insurance programme, contact should be made with The Australian Fencing Federation in the first instance.

Opt-out for Overseas Events

Athletes undertaking overseas tours and competitions may elect not to be covered by the national insurance policy, and arrange their own insurance.  In this case, the athlete must inform the Team Manager or the Operations Director prior to the tour, and a rebate will be arranged on the amount normally included as part of the tour cost reconcilation (see here) for the athlete.

Insurance for Non-Official Overseas Events

Athletes undertaking overseas tours and competitions which are not organised bt the AFF may still elect to be covered by the national insurance policy.  This can be arranged and paid for using this link .

Certificates of Currency

Coaches and club representatives wishiung to obtain a Certificate of Currency should first contact their State Fencing Association (SFA).  When available each year, the AFF provides the SFA's with the Certificates - they are not provided directly to coaches and / or clubs.

Coaches Information

In 2013, the AFF clarified the specific situation of Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance coverage for fencing coaches under the AFF’s National Insurance Policies.

The AFF Insurance Handbook has accordingly been modified to include conditions which apply for coaches to be covered for PI.  The new version is attached here for your information.

A summary of the clarifications is as follows:

  • Coaches must hold current NCAS accreditation with the Australian Sports Commission, or be actively working towards such accreditation under the supervision of an accredited coach;
  • Coaches must be currently capitated members of the AFF in a Competitive Category;
  • Coaches must be working in a recognised fencing venue.  Such venues must appear on a register held by the State Association.  It is the responsibility of the State Associations and their fencing coaches to ensure that such a register is maintained and up to date.

The Handbook has more detail.  The conditions therein have been confirmed with, and ratified by, the AFF’s insurance company.

It will always remain the responsibility of State Associations and their coaches to ensure that processes are in place for the three conditions above to be met for coaches wishing to avail themselves of PI insurance coverage under the AFF National Insurance Policies.