What is the AFF Athletes' Commission?

The AFF Athletes’ Commission comprises of three elected members.

The mission of the AFF Athletes' Commission is to represent the views and interests of athletes and to empower athletes through information and the facilitation of communication.

To succeed in this mission, it is essential that we develop and maintain effective and open communication channels with the athletes and those who support them. We rely on these open channels to ensure that we understand the needs of Australian fencers and are able to communicate those to the AFF board. We also strive to assist Australian fencers to understand and navigate AFF policies and practices to empower Australian fencers to get the most out of our sport.

We seek to contribute to the enjoyment, passion and success of Australian fencers at all levels, by facilitating the growth of relationships between Australian fencers and our AFF.

Role and objectives of the Athletes' Commission

The roles and objectives of the Athletes' Commission include:

• acting as a link between athletes and the AFF;
• representing the views and interests of athletes and participating in AFF Board consultation and decision-making;
• establishing open lines of communication with athletes;
• considering questions and issues relating to athletes and providing advice to the AFF Board; and 
• promoting respect for the rights of the athletes.

Athletes’ Commission Members

The current Athletes' Commission members are:

• Jeremy Shelley (Athletes’ Director)
• Dianna Gu
• Davide Wheeler

Contact the Athletes' Commission

To contact the Athletes' Commission via email please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.