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National Events

05 Aug - 06 Aug 2017
2017 HPP Spring Invitational camp.
12 Aug - 13 Aug 2017
AFC Schools Individuals - Brisbane
25 Aug - 28 Aug 2017
AFC3 - Sydney
02 Sep - 03 Sep 2017
Asian Cadet Sabre - Sydney
21 Sep - 24 Sep 2017
AFC Junior Championships - Melbourne
08 Dec - 12 Dec 2017
Australian Senior and Veteran Fencing Championships - Canberra.
14 Dec - 17 Dec 2017
HPP “Summer” Camp
15 Feb - 18 Feb 2018
Australian Junior Championships 2018

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Fencing is an international and Olympic sport that provides high levels of physical and mental stimuli, with a great sense of satisfaction from the development of dexterity and the use of tactics to outwit the opponent.

Since it is predominantly a skill-based sport with little premium on mere strength, it provides equal access and opportunity for both men and women. Australia is one of 105 nations affiliated with the international governing body the Federation Internationale d'Escrime (FIE) and competes regularly at international competitions including annual junior, senior and veterans world championships. Fencing is currently one of 28 sports competing at the Olympic Games, and is one of only four sports to have been included in every Games since their inception.

In Australia, Fencing is widely practised in clubs, universities and increasingly in schools with strong participation bases in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia and developing participation bases in Western Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory. With support from the FIE, Australia is the base for the Oceania Fencing Masters Academy (OFMA) - the international coaching development centre for the Asia and Oceania region.