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Personal Sponsors

These organisations are directly Sponsoring a Fencer:


Thankyou for your support of the Sport of Fencing in Australia.

Note that these agreements refer to a number of Policies and other documents.  These generally may be found on this web site, accessed via the Documents and Policies menu, All Documents and Policies option (click here).  Three notable exceptions are:

  • the FIE Publicity Code, which is on the FIE web site in French and translated on the British Fencing web site (click here);
  • the Code of Conduct for Athletes, which is contained within the Member Protection Policy; and
  • the Publicity Policy, the content of which is now contained within the Sponsorship Policy.


Athletes should note carefully the "temporary absence" provisions of these Agreements.

The main changes to the 2016-17 Agreement compared to previous years relate to fee increments (noting that this is the first change in this area since 2011), the inclusion of a requirement relating to complying with AFF and HPP requests, and the extension of athlete agreement breaches to an inability to enter representative competitions internationally.