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National Events

20 Dec - 23 Dec 2018
2018 HPP Summer camp
21 Jan - 25 Jan 2019
National Sabre Camp
14 Feb - 17 Feb 2019
2019 Junior National Championships
29 Mar - 31 Mar 2019
AFC1, including U23 Epee
07 Jun 2019
National Sabre Clinic
08 Jun - 10 Jun 2019
AFC2, including U23 Foil
05 Jul - 09 Jul 2019
U15/Cadet Nationals
11 Jul - 14 Jul 2019
HPP Winter Camp - 2019

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The AFF deals with hundreds of queries from athletes and parents each year.  Recognising that many of these have common themes, we have put together this list to help members of the fencing community, with an emphasis on the High Performance Program.

1.  Athlete Agreement (click here for 2016/17 and click here for 2017/18)

The Athlete Agreement outlines the obligations of athletes under the High Performance Program.  It also helps fencers who are considering joining the Program to understand the financial, time, and training commitments that they must fulfil.  Parents of children who will be in their last or second last year of high school are strongly recommended to consider the considerable travel and training time commitments (a minimum of 2 x 10-day events overseas usually during term time, plus 2 x 4-day camps), often during school term, that membership of the HPP entails.  The Australian Fencing Squad was specifically put in place to allow those who cannot fully commit to the obligations of the Australian Fencing Team to still be part of the HPP.

2.  Selection Policy (click here)

The Selection Policy covers all aspects of competing overseas.  It determines how elite athletes are selected to represent Australia.  Most of this is driven off ranking points, and the Policy determines how these points are calculated.  The Policy is not a set of guidelines, it strictly mandates every aspect of selection.  This means that there are no such thing as "special circumstances", nor the ability of the AFF Selectors, National Coaches, or the AFF Board of Directors to override or re-interpret any part of the Policy. 

3.  Exemptions and Suspensions (click here)

Athletes in the HPP program occasionally require personal variations to their Program obligations.  This can only be done on application, and must go through an approval process.

4.  AFS & AFT, obligations & options (click here)

The Annual HPP Program document goes into detail in what aspects of the program are optional and what the obligations are.  It is a complementary document to the Athlete Agreement.

5.  Costs (click here and click here)

The AFF is a not-for-profit organisation, so passes its costs on to those who participate in the sport or go on tours.  The costs information on these pages show: how costs are calculated, specific costs for known items, estimated costs for tours, how tour costs are split, the billing processes and timing for tours, etc.

6.  Nomination Problems

The most common nomination problem that athletes have is because their affiliation information has not been uploaded into the national portal by their State Association.  In all cases, this should be referred back to the State Association after checking the Portal (click here).  Athletes (and parents) are strongly recommended never to leave things until the last minute, as affiliation problems at a state level may mean that athletes miss out on competition or training opportunities.

7.  Portal

The portal contains infromation about affiliation status, possible debt position with the AFF, name spellings, and dates of birth.  All of these drive parts of the AFF's automated systems.  Reviewing and correcting portal details - or things which the portal reports - will solve other problems.  http://portal.fencing.org.au