You cannot arrange an alternative event.

Alternative events are those where it is considered by the relevant National Weapons Coach (NWC) for it to be inappropriate for an AFT althete to attend one or more of the events identified as otherwise compulsory as part of their Athlete Agreement.

It is not up to the athlete to initiate discussions relating to an alternative event; this is solely at the discretion of the NWC, and only the NWC may initiate discussions in this area.

Some reasons which have been rejected by the High Performance Commission for consideration of an alternative event are:

* conflicting academic / educational requirements

* personal concerns about the location of the World / Asian Championships

* cost of travel to the World / Asian Championships

* inconvenience associated with the timing of events

In all of the above situations, the athlete should not have originally nominated for the AFT, but instead for the AFS.  As explained in FAQs on this page, AFT nomination and selection is actually the selection process for the small pool of athletes from which the final selection of World and Asian Championships takes place.